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Major Update “Gathering Storm”

Major Update “Gathering Storm”

The Major May Update for War Thunder Mobile is already in the game!

In this update, you can expect to see the following:

  • Launch of the new Season for the long-running event featuring premium vehicles;
  • Start of a new season and VIP levels of Battle Pass;
  • Common vehicles – a British platoon and a Soviet destroyer;
  • Bugfixes, changes and much more.

Read more about the changes in the “Gathering Storm” major update in the article below.

New vehicles


Platoon Chieftain Mk.10 (Rank IX)

  • Chieftain Mk.10
  • Olifant Mk.2
  • Ratel ZT3A2
  • Rooikat ZA-35

Premium Platoon IS-6 (Rank VII)
(can be obtained from the Big Trophy container during the “Gathering Storm” event)

  • IS-6
  • T-10M
  • Object 906
  • ZSU-37-2

Premium Platoon M56 Scorpion (Rank V)
(can be obtained from the Medium Trophy container during the “Gathering Storm” event)

  • M56 Scorpion
  • T25
  • T26E5
  • M42


  • Missile destroyer Gnevnyy (Rank V)
  • Premium battleship HMS Colossus (Rank III)
    (can be obtained from the Big Trophy container during the “Gathering Storm” event)
  • Premium submarine L-3 (Rank II)
    (can be obtained from the Medium Trophy container during the “Gathering Storm” event)

Season “Gathering Storm”

Complete the “Gathering Storm” season’s battle tasks, earn War Bonds as a reward, and unlock trophy containers with valuable prizes.

Unique trophy rewards: the premium M56 Scorpion platoon and submarine L-3 in the Medium Trophy container, and the premium IS-6 platoon and battleship HMS Colossus in the Big Trophy container.

The race for vehicles in the Big Trophy container begins a week from today, on May 23rd, 2024.

Battle Pass

Complete special tasks, level up your Battle Pass and receive rewards for your completed steps.

When you purchase the VIP pass, you instantly receive premium camouflages on vehicles from the Medium Trophies of both campaigns, as well as automatically completing 10 steps from the Battle Pass lineup. If you have already purchased an upgraded BP, the cost of the VIP pass will be reduced.


Leaderboards are already open! To join the ship leaderboard, a minimum of 5 naval battles is required, and for the tank leaderboard you need to have participated in at least 5 battles using ground vehicles.

The rating season ends on June 6th, 2024, at 10:00 (GMT). Rewards will be distributed within a few days after the leaderboards are frozen. It’s important to note that rewards may be given out at different times for different leaderboards.



  • The bug that caused the old icon on the CM25's firing button to be displayed has been fixed.
  • Gamepad control not working in tank battles has been fixed.


  • "Gnevnyy" is the first ship for which the mechanics of firing bursts from the main caliber weapon will be implemented. On the "Gnevnyy", it is a ZIF-75, 57mm autocannon. Important: the player will only get control of one 57mm cannon, the other 3 will be under the control of the air defense group.
  • The bug that caused the whole set of depth bombs to not be dropped has been fixed.


  • A button that allows looking backwards while flying has been added.
  • The "deceleration" on the power slider is now displayed in the same place as the power percentage.


  • X-ray model quality on low and medium graphic settings has been returned to its previous state.
  • Overlapping of the last rows of rewards in the leaderboards has been fixed.
  • A number of issues that could cause the game to crash have been fixed.

We wish you many victories in War Thunder Mobile!