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Mobile legendary military vehicle online simulator

War Thunder Mobile is a brand new project that builds upon the success of the widely popular War Thunder game that has tens of millions of players worldwide and has set two Guinness World Records.

Utilizing the same Dagor cross-platform engine as War Thunder and other Gaijin games, War Thunder Mobile delivers first-class graphics and the latest technological advancements on all devices. The development of War Thunder Mobile is led by a new in-house team at Gaijin Entertainment, with guidance from the original War Thunder developers.

New nations and famous vehicles like Abrams tanks and MiG-29 jets will be coming to War Thunder Mobile via regular updates.

Legendary vehicles

The game features some of the most famous military vehicles from the period of the Second World War and the Cold War popular among War Thunder players.

New nations and famous combat vehicles like Abrams tanks and MiG-29 fighters will be regularly introduced in War Thunder Mobile as the game receives new updates.

Tank T-62
Tank IS-2 (1944)
Tank TIGER II (H) SLA.16
Tank M26E1
Tank M3A3 Bradley
Tank Gepard
Naval USS Fletcher
Naval Admiral Hipper
Naval HMS Dreadnought
Air IL-2 (1941)
Air Fw 190 A-1


System requirements


Android 10 (64-bit)
Adreno 610 / 2 core Mali-G52 or equivalent GPU with Vulkan support
Snapdragon 665 / Mediatek Helio P65 or equivalent


iPhone 6S and above
iOS 15 or higher
We highly recommend using the latest system updates to avoid various problems related to an outdated GPU driver version (glitching graphics, crashes, etc). Also, we recommend using external cooling if you prefer to play at the highest available graphics settings without FPS limit.

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