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[Coming soon] "Trophy" camouflages

[Coming soon] "Trophy" camouflages

Details about camouflages and vehicles shells from the trophies of the upcoming Season in War Thunder Mobile.

Medium trophy

The Medium Trophies of the season "Gathering Storm" are opened for War Bonds. One campaign needs 6,000 bonds to get two guaranteed jackpots.

Ways to get the War Bonds:

  • 300 bonds are awarded as a gift with the start of the Season to players of Level 3 or higher of any campaign;
  • Reward for completing the tasks of the season;
  • Rewards in the Season task progress bar;
  • Battle Pass rewards;
  • Reward from Small or Medium Trophies (10 to 300 items);
  • Season Offers and Store.

In total for the "Gathering Storm" Season, you can get 5,700 bonds for completing tasks, a welcome bonus, a free BP lineup, completing the Season's task progress bar, being in the top 30% of tank and ship rankings. Another 300 War Bonds you can get from the Small Trophy for watching ads.

Camouflages for vehicles from the Medium Trophy are given out when you purchase a VIP pass, regardless if you have the vehicles.

M56 Scorpion Platoon (Rank V)

You can read more about the platoon in the early announcement, and in this article we would like to bring to your attention the excellent "forest" camouflage for the M56 Scorpion platoon vehicles and the characteristics of the most popular shells of its two vehicles.

The main unit of this versatile American platoon is the M56 Scorpion – light, low and superbly armed.

The T25 medium tank is also a part of the platoon and performs well in close and medium range firefights.

Submarine L-3 (Rank II)

This Soviet diesel-electric submarine is known for having survived many battles, and being sent into battle again and again after regular repairs.
The submarine is armed with 6 torpedo tubes, a 100mm artillery gun and a 45mm semi-automatic AD system.

The soft gray-and-striped camouflage is designed to hide the submarine from the gaze of less-than-attentive opponents, and to delight captains with its stylish design.

Big Trophy

Camouflages for the premium vehicles of the Season can be recieved from the opening of the Big Trophies or purchased for Golden Eagles in the camouflage changing menu after getting a platoon or a ship.

Ways to get keys to the Big Trophies:

  • Reward in the Season Task progress bar;
  • Battle Pass reward;
  • Reward for getting in the top 10% of the ship or tank leaderboards of the Season;
  • Reward from Medium and Big Trophies (1 to 3 pcs per successful opening);
  • Seasonal Offers and Shop.

IS-6 Platoon (Rank VII)

The IS-6 Platoon has two great desert camouflages that will help you get lost among the sands and rocks, as well as allow you to merge with the terrain in some parts of urban locations and forests. Below you can see two of the most outstanding representatives of the new platoon in camouflages. Also on the screenshots are the characteristics of the shells most used in battles for the IS-6 and T-10M.

The platoon of Soviet post-war vehicles is headed by the IS-6 – an experimental heavy tank. The shape of its hull is maximally designed for ricochets of enemy shells, and its armor is not bad either.

The T-10M heavy tank has taken a place in the platoon instead of the previously announced T-54(1951). It is equipped with 122 mm stabilized gun with high-explosive shells with excellent piercing, but for its power T-10M pays for its long reloading time of 15 seconds.

HMS Colossus (Rank III)

The British dreadnought is characterized by excellent armament: the 5 main caliber turrets are arranged in a specific pattern, and the shells penetrate armor well.

The three camouflages designed for this battleship are suitable for hiding on any naval battlefield and will certainly bring aesthetic pleasure to both the captain of the Colossus and his opponents.

We wish you victorious battles in War Thunder Mobile!