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[Coming Soon] Trend setting vehicles

[Coming Soon] Trend setting vehicles

Details on the camouflages of common vehicles upcoming season in War Thunder Mobile.

Chieftain Mk.10 Platoon (Rank IX)

This British platoon will be available to players who have reached level 16* of the Tank Campaign.
It's leader is the reliable Chieftain Mk.10, equipped with Stillbrew composite armor, which is specially designed to protect the crew.

Support vehicles from South Africa - Olifant Mk.2, Ratel ZT3A2, Rooikat ZA-35 in premium camouflage will easily blend in with desert landscapes. But the camouflage of the main unit is close to the historical coloring.

An important feature of this platoon is the special tandem ATGM carried by the Ratel ZT3A2, a South African wheeled armored fighter!

With tandem ATGMs, the ammunition consists of two charges connected in series. When the projectile hits the target, the first charge penetrates the outer layer of the target's armor (e.g. the reactive armor). The second charge penetrates the deeper layers of armor and destroys the vehicle directly.

The function of this ammunition is to engage heavily armored targets.

Gnevnyy (Rank V)

The missile ships in the game are vulnerable to large caliber fire, so the commander of the "Gnevnyy" shouldn't trying to be a hero alone.

Premium camouflage can help you effectively stealth before targeting while a group of allied ships divert enemy fire.
Reach level 27* of the ship campaign to get this awesome destroyer.

We wish you victorious battles in War Thunder Mobile!