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[Coming Soon] IS-6 Platoon: Unstoppable Progress!

[Coming Soon] IS-6 Platoon: Unstoppable Progress!

Soon, the post-war USSR vehicle platoon led by an experimental IS-6 heavy tank will arrive to the game!

IS-6 Platoon (Rank VII)


The IS-6 heavy tank was developed in 1943-44 as a promising highly powered armored breakout tank. After a series of tests, the IS-6 was not put into production, however many of its components and assemblies formed the basis for other developments by Soviet tank builders, including the IS-7 heavy tank.

The IS-6 is one of the most advanced heavy tanks in the game. Thick hull armor plates converge at rational angles and the very-well protected turret is rounded for increased protection, all done to increase armor values and to increase the chance of enemy shells ricocheting. The 122 mm D-30T cannon is powerful and accurate and can defeat any enemy without any problems. The ammunition range is three types of armor-piercing shells as well as high-explosive shells.

In addition to powerful armor and devastating firepower, this tank is characterized by brilliant mobility. When driving around, the IS-6 is not inferior even to some medium tanks!

In battle, the IS-6 is a truly multi-purpose tank and a leader in any battle. From a tank rush in a group of allies to a defensive position, from a tooth-and-nail duel in the city to a sniper shootout in an open field – the IS-6 will cope perfectly with any task!

So, who will help the IS-6 and what advantages do the other vehicles in the new premium rank VII platoon bring to the battle?

The partner of one of the best heavy tanks will be one of the best medium tanks in the game: the famous T-54 (1951). Pressure and onslaught, dynamics and high firepower – these are the main characteristics of this T-54 in game. You’re a medium tank, so don’t hide – move, shoot and get your victory!

The experimental Object 906 was created as an improved version of the PT-76 amphibious tank. In the game, it’s a real scout! At high speed, this tank can sneak to the enemy’s flank to inflict fatal damage from the most unexpected directions. A light recon unit for the most experienced and brave players!

The ZSU-37-2 self-propelled anti-aircraft gun was developed in the USSR in parallel with the famous “Shilka”, but was not put into production. The ZSU-37 is on a mobile chassis and is armed with a pair of fast-firing 37 mm cannons. If the sky is clear, there’s work for this vehicle on the ground as well, since it has access to armor-piercing shells that can turn lightly armored vehicles and even some tanks into atoms!

The IS-6 (Rank VII) Platoon will be available in the Big Trophy of the Tank Campaign one week after the start of the Season.