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[Coming Soon] Submarine L-3: veteran of the depths

[Coming Soon] Submarine L-3: veteran of the depths

In the upcoming major update of War Thunder Mobile, prepare to encounter the legendary Soviet L-3 submarine!

Submarine L-3 (Rank II)

L-3 is a diesel-electric submarine of the second series of the "Leninets" project. From the very beginning of the German military invasion of the Soviet Union, the submarine took an active part in combat operations as part of the Baltic Fleet.

Despite sustaining severe damage from enemy attacks on multiple occasions, the brave crew of the submarine managed to return it to base after each incident. Following repairs, the submarine was promptly redeployed for further combat missions. One of the most notable achievements of the L-3 submarine is the successful destruction of the transport vessel "Goya".

The primary armament of the L-3 consists of 533 mm 53-38 torpedoes housed in six torpedo tubes located in the submarine's bow. Positioned at rank II following the update, this armament equips the L-3 to engage enemy vessels with a high probability of success.

The L-3 boasts formidable artillery armament for a submarine. Its 100-mm gun serves as a valuable asset for engaging enemy destroyers, while the 45-mm semi-automatic gun mounted in the deckhouse area can swiftly neutralize any aircraft at its rank with a single well-aimed shot!

The L-3 submarine, an emblem of the bravery and resilience of submarine sailors, is set to join War Thunder Mobile in the upcoming major update.

The submarine L-3 (Rank II) can be obtained from the Medium Trophy of the Ship Campaign with the start of the new Season.