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[Coming Soon] Battleship Colossus: The Ancient Giant

[Coming Soon] Battleship Colossus: The Ancient Giant

The British dreadnought, Colossus, with 305mm guns will be one of the main naval features in the upcoming War Thunder Mobile update.

HMS Colossus (Rank III)

The British battleship Colossus was the last ship of the Royal Navy that belonged to the dreadnought class - later battleships were much heavier. The ship became the lead in a series of two battleships that entered British service in 1911. Colossus played a limited part in WWI hostilities, including the famous Battle of Jutland. After the end of the war, the ship was used as for training and was dismantled for resources in 1928.

HMS Colossus will appear at Rank III of British vehicles and will be one of the best dreadnoughts in the game. The ship is distinguished from other early battleships by rapid-firing 305mm main caliber guns, superior countermeasures of 13 102mm guns and running qualities.

The Colossus is a well-armed and well-defended ship that is well suited for battles with light and heavy cruisers and other dreadnoughts. The five main caliber turrets are arranged in a peculiar pattern, but allow for a full onboard salvo if you turn the bow of the ship to the left or right. The penetration of armor-piercing shells of the main caliber is enough to defeat any enemy.

Like all early dreadnoughts, Colossus suffers from poor anti-air defense – or rather, a total lack of it – so it is vital for commanders to stay close to other ships that can provide the dreadnought with protection from air attacks. The other disadvantage of the ship are its significant acceleration time and large turning radius, which is also typical of battleships of the early 20th century.

HMS Colossus will be waiting for you in the docks of the big War Thunder Mobile update that we are preparing to release very soon!

The HMS Colossus (Rank III) will be available in the Big Trophy of the Ship Campaign one week after the start of the Season.