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Minor Update

Minor Update

Improvements and bug fixes.



  • To keep consistent performance, smoke grenade firing has been limited. Each unit now fires one grenade per press. Added a 5 second reload time to re-fire smoke grenades.
  • T-54 (1949) - the BR-412P subcaliber shell has been removed.
  • The image on the missile firing button for all ATGM launchers has been changed.
  • The mechanics of ammunition replenishment at capture points have been reworked. Now, when the vehicles move, replenishment is not reset, but paused.
  • A bug that caused duplicate sights when using free view in tank battles has been fixed.
  • The "Leave vehicle" button has been added to tank battles.
  • In tank battles, the effect where a shadow moved behind the tank at some distance has been fixed.


  • USS Fletcher – the ship model details at low graphics settings has been improved.
  • The arrow indicating the need for repair in naval battles will no longer be displayed when no repair kits are available.
  • The arrow indicating the need for repairs in naval battles appears starting at 12% crew loss.
  • The bug causing damage to a destroyed module not being displayed in naval battles after a second hit has been fixed.
  • A bug that caused torpedoes on subs to not be launched during a sharp turn has been fixed.
  • A bug that could cause a sub to submerge immediately after surfacing without waiting for the cooldown of the button has been fixed.


  • The "Aircraft Motion Control" setting has been added. It allows you to select an alternative type of control: "Dynamic Stick", "Static Stick".
  • In airplane battles the option to select a target by tapping an enemy airplane with your finger has been added.
  • The number of rounds for all offensive armament is now displayed next to the firing button in aircraft battles.

Radio messages

  • The radio message menu editor has been added to the general settings section.
  • The ability to mark points on the map with radio messages for allies has been added. The map can be opened by clicking on the mini-map.
  • The location of players using radio messages is now displayed on the mini-map.
  • Radio message icons are now displayed above players' vehicles directly in battle.


  • The option to add to friends from the battle statistics window has been added.
  • Now players will not be forced to leave the battle due to inactivity when switching between tanks or selecting shells. The inactivity timer is 60 sec and is updated after each action in the vehicle/shell selection window before the battle.
  • Squad and booster purchase buttons have been moved to the right side of the screen.
  • The issue with respawn points not displaying correctly on some maps in the pre-battle window has been resolved.
  • An engine and/or transmission that has undergone repairs through Auto Repair will no longer appear black on the x-ray model of the vehicles.
  • The bug causing dotted lines to appear on and along roads has been fixed.
  • The visibility of shell tracers and their smoke trails has been improved.
  • When gaining a campaign or vehicles level, the debriefing animation will stop on the level up tab.
  • The option to rotate the camera in the Hangar with the right stick when playing from the gamepad has been added.
  • Low graphics settings for iOS devices have been optimized to boost performance;
  • Aviation vehicles are packaged in separate packs for downloading. Now it is not necessary to download additional aircraft resources, if they are not required for a particular campaign or battle rank of vehicles.