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[COMING SOON] French Legion

[COMING SOON] French Legion

Discover the latest standard French platoon at Rank VIII, featuring a duo of main battle tanks, a swift tracked reconnaissance unit, and a high-speed anti-aircraft gun!


The French AMX-30 main battle tanks underwent further development with the introduction of the AMX-30B2 version equipped with the BRENUS dynamic protection kit. This enhancement notably increased the vehicle's resistance to shaped weapons, including charge shells and anti-tank missiles. Beyond improved protection, the tank boasts excellent mobility and employs an effective sub-caliber shell for precise targeting. It excels in penetrating the frontal armor of almost any enemy tank with ease!

AMX-32 (105)

Designed as an export model, the experimental AMX-32 (105) is equipped with a 20 mm autocannon alongside the main gun and a special reversible transmission. This unique feature of the AMX-32 (105) allows it to move both forward and backward at the same speed!


The MARS 15, an experimental light tank, is purposefully crafted for the role of a scout, featuring a low profile and outstanding mobility crucial for effective flanking. Armed with a precise 90mm cannon, it has the capability to fire penetrating shaped charge or precise sub-caliber armor-piercing shells.


The AMX-30 DCA self-propelled anti-aircraft gun, armed with a pair of 30mm automatic cannons, is a battle vehicle on the chassis of the AMX-30 tank. These guns have a very high rate of fire for their caliber and work well against both enemy aircraft and light armored vehicles that are unlucky enough to be in the crosshairs of the AMX-30 DCA!