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[Coming Soon] Meet Rank V and missile ships!

[Coming Soon] Meet Rank V and missile ships!

Introducing the latest standard German destroyer of Rank V, featuring a groundbreaking addition to the game — anti-ship missiles! Step into a new era of naval battles!

Anti-ship missiles

Step into a whole new realm of naval battles with the arrival of Rank V! War Thunder Mobile introduces a revolutionary weapon — anti-ship missiles (ASM). To launch these missiles, players must designate the target, and during flight, homing heads will adjust the course towards the designated target. Capable of taking down even the largest ships singlehandedly, they face challenges in battle as they become the prime target for the entire enemy team. Get ready for naval battles like never before!

Wondering what defenses can be used against these new missiles? More modern ships are equipped with countermeasures: decoys that can divert incoming missiles. On the other hand, older ships that rely on maneuverability can engage anti-ship missiles (ASM) carriers with salvos from their guns!

You can visit the store's Consumables section to replenish your stock of countermeasure charges.

Hamburg (Rank V)

The German destroyer Hamburg, the lead ship in its series, is set to become the first anti-ship missile (ASM) carrier in the game. Constructed as part of the Hamburg-class of destroyers, these were the initial post-war German vessels equipped predominantly with German-made technology and weaponry.

Undergoing modernization in the late 1970s, the Hamburg received Exocet anti-ship missile launchers, complementing its primary armament of 100mm guns and automatic 40mm guns. In line with destroyer capabilities, the new ship is also armed with torpedoes.

Despite its compact size, the swift Hamburg poses a significant threat to any ship in the enemy team, including the most formidable battleships!