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[Coming Soon] Powerful Americans and Quick Italians!

[Coming Soon] Powerful Americans and Quick Italians!

Meet the new nation in War Thunder Mobile! An Italian premium Rank IV platoon and a versatile American premium Rank VI platoon arrive in the game.

M46 “Tiger” platoon (Rank VI)

M46 “Tiger”

The M46 “Tiger” medium tank in a unique premium camouflage of the 73rd Tank Battalion of the US Army is a true universal soldier on the battlefield. High mobility and a precise 90mm gun allow the commander to use this tank for both urban assault and long range shootouts!


The T92 experimental light tank is one of the best scouts of its rank. This quick and light vehicle boasts a very low profile, and its 76mm gun has access to amazing subcaliber and shaped charges that won’t be stopped even by the most sturdy armor.


The American T95 assault gun received its nickname “Turtle” for a reason: it’s very slow and incredibly well-armored by a sturdy steel shell. Its gun reloads slowly but can pierce the armor of any opponent with ease.


The M42 Duster SPAAG is outfitted with a couple of quick-firing 40mm autocannons with HE and AP belts. The Duster is prepared to not only cover the team from air raids, but also repel the advances of enemy scouts!

R3 T20 FA-HS platoon (Rank IV)

R3 T20 FA-HS

This strange-looking SPAA in capable hands can become a real menace for the enemy team! Very high speed and quick-firing 20mm autocannon allow the R3 T20 FA-HS to be used not only for anti-air defense. It can appear in the most unexpected places, painfully sting light tanks, or even medium tanks if hit from the rear or flanks, and disappear just as swiftly. A small box of pure bliss!

Sherman Vc

This premium British modification of the American M4 Sherman tank serves the Italian army! The good old Sherman with a time tested British 17 pounder gun is an experienced warrior capable of completing the tasks that the R3 T20 FA-HS can’t handle!


The M36B1 tank destroyer is built on the chassis of the American M4A3 medium tanks, but boasts better hull armor, while the 90mm gun with a wide range of ammunition can pierce through any heavyweight!


The M18 Hellcat is actually a self-propelled gun, but due to its high mobility and great penetration of its 76mm cannon this vehicle is best suited to be a scout, specializing in flanking ambushes. The Hellcat fully deserves its reputation as one of the best tank destroyers in the game!