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[Coming soon] Sea Giants

[Coming soon] Sea Giants

Unlock the German battleship Westfalen and the Japanese heavy cruiser Kako as premium ships in trophies in the new event!

SMS Westfalen (Rank III)

The German battleship Westfalen — a classic World War I dreadnought — boasts powerful armor and excellent main and auxiliary caliber weaponry. This heavy and formidable ship is a key player in any naval battle!

IJN Kako (Rank II)

The Japanese heavy cruiser Kako, belonging to the Furutaka-class ships, was specifically designed as a scout cruiser. Boasting considerable size, robust armor, and formidable armament, this ship stands out for its excellent maneuvering capabilities. This is thanks to its impressive speed, which is customizable in the Arsenal, and a short turn time. The premium Kako excels in effective maneuvering between islands, commanding the entire battlefield with its powerful main caliber cannons.