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Major update ‘Decisive Strike’!

Major update ‘Decisive Strike’!

The first Major Update of War Thunder Mobile in 2024!

In this update, you can expect to see the following:

  • Introduction of new missile mechanics and Rank V vehicles in naval battles;
  • Launch of a new season for a long-running event featuring premium vehicles;
  • Commencement of a new season of Battle Pass;
  • Introduction of the first Italian platoon — representing a new nation;
  • Addition of new star levels after merging the previous ones;
  • Enhancement of the tank and ship lists menu, now categorized by nation vehicles and campaign levels;
  • Updated battle loading screen, among other improvements.

New vehicles


AMX-30B2 Brenus Platoon (Rank VIII)

  • AMX-30B2 Brenus
  • AMX-32 105
  • Mars 15
  • AMX-30 DCA

Premium M46 "Tiger" Platoon (Rank VI)

(can be obtained from the Big Trophy container during the Decisive Strike event)

  • M46 "Tiger"
  • T92
  • T95
  • M42

Premium R3 T20 FA-HS Platoon (Rank IV)

(can be obtained from the Medium Trophy container during the Decisive Strike event)

  • R3 T20 FA-HS
  • Sherman Vc
  • M36B1
  • M18


  • Missile destroyer Hamburg (Rank V)
  • Premium Battleship SMS Westfalen (Rank III)
    (can be obtained from the Big Trophy container during the Decisive Strike event)
  • Premium cruiser IJN Kako (Rank II)
    (can be obtained from the Medium Trophy container during the Decisive Strike event)

New mechanic: Anti-ship missiles

The first missile destroyer, Hamburg (Rank V), equipped with four MM38 Exocet missile launchers, will soon be available to players.

To utilize this formidable weapon, you must aim it at an enemy ship, lock onto the target, and fire! The missiles, featuring homing heads, will then track the target until impact. It is important to consider the position of your ship and the target for a successful hit. If there is an obstacle in the path of the missiles (e.g., an island) or the target is too close, the missiles won’t reach the enemy ship due to their specific trajectory.

The German destroyer Hamburg comes equipped with anti-missile defense countermeasures. When enemy missiles approach, deploy decoys to divert the missiles away from your ship. Note that decoys burn up and dissipate quickly, so it’s crucial to choose the right moment to use them.

Season 4

Complete this season’s Decisive Strike battle tasks, earn War Bonds as a reward, and unlock trophy containers with valuable prizes.

Unique trophy rewards: the premium R3 T20 FA-HS platoon and the premium cruiser IJN Kako in the Medium Trophy container, and the premium M46 "Tiger" platoon and the premium SMS Westfalen in the Big Trophy container.

The race for vehicles in the Big Trophy container starts a week from today, on January 25th, 2024.

Battle Pass

Complete special tasks, level up your Battle Pass and receive rewards for your completed steps.


Leaderboards are already open! To join the ship leaderboard, a minimum of 5 naval battles is required, and for the tank leaderboard you need to have participated in at least 5 battles using ground vehicles.

The rating season ends on February 8th, 2024, at 10:00 (GMT). Rewards will be distributed within a few days after the leaderboards are frozen. It’s important to note that rewards may be given out at different times for different leaderboards.

Player Profile

The Player Profile viewing feature has been introduced in test mode. The feature is under development and will be improved and supplemented, including data on awards and achievements, player statistics and so on.

The "Medal" section in the Profile visually showcases a player's unique achievements. There is currently one type of Medal in the game, awarded for reaching level 14 star in the tank campaign and the level 25 star in the ship campaign.


  • A "star levels" mechanic has been implemented to accelerate the leveling up process for new players. In the latest update, the 14, 14*, and 14** levels of the tank campaign have been merged into level 14, and the 25, 25*, and 25** levels of the ship campaign have been merged into level 25. Players who have upgraded their star-level vehicles will be awarded a unique medal in their profile, and vehicles will retain their upgrades even after the levels are combined.
  • The vehicle menu has undergone a redesign: the linear bar at the bottom of the hangar has been changed to a separate window, organizing platoons and ships by campaign level, nation and rank.
  • The design of vehicles icons in the in the vehicle progress window and when viewing a platoon has been changed.
  • The battle loading screen has been updated, allowing you to view the map and missions tasks while waiting for the battle to commence.
  • The appearance of the minimap has been changed: now the spawn points of vehicles are not visible on the minimap during battle.
  • Each team can now have no more than two submarines.
  • The hangar’s appearance has returned to the standard theme from the winter one.
  • Progress on most seasonal tasks can now be earned by watching ads.
  • Battle Pass balance has been changed: at the end of the test season, the rate of gaining BP levels has been reduced by 27.5%.
  • EBR 1951 Platoon has been moved from the 4th to the 5th level of the campaign, and the price has been changed to 155,250 Silver Lions.
  • Information about the reward per battle for the premium version of the vehicle has been added to the description of the vehicle.
  • Now you can skip the animation of getting a vehicle when buying it.
  • A new sound has been added to indicate that changes are applied when upgrading a vehicle.
  • The button for buying a level in the post-battle statistics window has been added.

Bug fixes

  • Flooding is individually customized for each ship. Ships can no longer be destroyed by flooding; breaches below the waterline can, however, slightly reduce top speed and cause the ship to list.
  • Players can no longer lock onto aircraft in naval battles.
  • After your ship is destroyed, launching an airplane is now impossible. This action previously resulted in a deserter status.
  • The bug with displaying damaged rudders on submarines has been fixed.
  • Minor fixes to ship physics.
  • A number of bugs with the minimap have been fixed.
  • The display of the device charging icon in the game has been fixed.

We wish you spectacular battles and bright victories!