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Improvements and bug fixes.


  • Daily Battle Pass tasks have been updated correctly.
  • A bug when aiming from the Hamburg destroyer has been fixed: now you have to wait until the target is captured (the missile sight is fully converged) to fire missiles at the enemy.
  • The reload indicator on the missile launch button on the ship Hamburg is now displayed correctly (previously, the indicator disappeared when the sight was moved to the side).
  • The sound of target acquisition for the Hamburg ship is now played correctly.
  • Tank turrets that were torn off from exploding ammunition no longer remain on the ground until the end of the battle, and disappear after about a minute.
  • The vertical line that appeared in the Hangar when viewing the MARS 15 tank at specific angles has been fixed.
  • Actions performed on FRG vehicles now count towards the progress of German vehicle related tasks.
  • Crashing of the game on some devices has been fixed.


  • The option to purchase Battle Pass levels for Golden Eagles has been added.