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Major Update “Iron Shadows”

Major Update “Iron Shadows”

The Major June Update for War Thunder Mobile is already in the game!

In this update, you can expect to see the following:

  • Launch of the new season for a long-running event featuring premium vehicles.
  • Start of a new season and VIP levels of Battle Pass.
  • A new tank map, “Normandy”.
  • New common vehicles – the second Swedish platoon, the CV 90105, and the Type 23 missile destroyer.
  • New mechanics – shells with proximity fuzes.
  • Bugfixes, changes and much more.

Read more about the changes in the “Iron Shadows” major update in the article below.

New vehicles


Platoon CV 90105 (Rank IX)

  • CV 90105
  • Strv 105
  • Strf 9040B
  • ItPsV 90

Premium Platoon Type 69-IIa (Rank VII)
(can be obtained from the Big Trophy container during the “Iron Shadows” event)

  • Type 69-IIa
  • Type 59
  • M41D
  • WZ305

Premium Platoon Object 248 (Rank IV)
(can be obtained from the Medium Trophy container during the “Iron Shadows” event)

  • Object 248
  • Т-34-85
  • SU-100P
  • BTR-ZD


New location

Season “Iron Shadows”

Complete the “Iron Shadows” season’s battle tasks, earn War Bonds as a reward, and unlock trophy containers with valuable prizes.

Unique trophy rewards: the premium Object 248 platoon and heavy cruiser IJN Mogami in the Medium Trophy container, and the premium Type 69-IIa platoon and Battleship “Novorossiysk” in the Big Trophy container.

The Medium Trophies of the Season are opened for War Bonds. One campaign needs 6,000 bonds to get two guaranteed jackpots.

Ways to get the War Bonds:

  • 300 bonds are awarded as a gift with the start of the Season to players of Level 3 or higher of any campaign;
  • Reward for completing the tasks of the season;
  • Rewards in the Season task progress bar;
  • Battle Pass rewards;
  • Reward from Small or Medium Trophies (10 to 300 items);
  • Season Offers and Store.

In total for the Season, you can get 5,700 bonds for completing tasks, a welcome bonus, a free BP lineup, completing the Season's task progress bar, being in the top 30% of tank and ship rankings. Another 300 War Bonds you can get from the Small Trophy for watching ads.

The race for vehicles in the Big Trophy container begins a week from today, on June 20th, 2024.

Battle Pass

Complete special tasks, level up your Battle Pass and receive rewards for your completed steps.

When you purchase the VIP pass, you instantly receive premium camouflages on vehicles from the Medium Trophies of both campaigns, as well as automatically completing 10 steps from the Battle Pass lineup. If you have already purchased an upgraded BP, the cost of the VIP pass will be reduced.

Object 248
Object 248
IJN Mogami
IJN Mogami

Camouflages for vehicles from the Medium Trophy are given out when you purchase a VIP pass, regardless if you have the vehicles.


Leaderboards are already open! To join the ship leaderboard, a minimum of 5 naval battles is required, and for the tank leaderboard you need to have participated in at least 5 battles using ground vehicles.

The rating season ends on July 4th, 2024, at 10:00 (GMT). Rewards will be distributed within a few days after the leaderboards are frozen. It’s important to note that rewards may be given out at different times for different leaderboards.

New mechanics – shells with proximity fuzes

Long-awaited proximity fuze shells are now in the game! The radar built into these shells automatically detonates it when it gets close enough to the target – the damage can be fatal even if it misses! Proximity fuze shells are most effective against aircraft.

Proximity fuze shells have been added to the WZ305 from the Type 69-IIa trophy platoon (Rank VII) and the Strf 9040B from the new common Swedish CV 90105 platoon (Rank IX), as well as to the existing Rank IX Italian VCC-80/60.


  • M46 “Tiger” Platoon (Rank VI) – platoon leader changed to T92.
  • T-55A – the vertical aiming on the coaxial machine gun has been fixed.
  • Several bugs in tank tutorials have been fixed.
  • Incorrect display of the armor penetration values for the following vehicles has been fixed: Strv 105, ItPsV 90, Object 248, SU-100P.
  • VCC-80/60 – a proximity fuze belt has been added.
  • A typo in the AMX-30 ACRA card has been fixed – the correct reload time for the main gun is 12 sec.

We wish you many victories in War Thunder Mobile!