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[Coming Soon] Type 23: Her Majesty's Rocket Launcher

[Coming Soon] Type 23: Her Majesty's Rocket Launcher

The Type 23 frigates form the backbone of the British Royal Navy's anti-submarine fleet. Get ready for the new "rocket launcher" in the upcoming War Thunder Mobile update!

Type 23 (Rank V)

The Type 23 frigates were constructed at UK shipyards between 1989 and 2002, with a total of 16 ships in the series. They were designed to replace the aging Leander and Amazon classes as the Royal Navy's primary surface combatants against submarines. Named after English dukes, these frigates are also known as the "Duke-class" (Project "Duke"). Currently, nine Type 23 ships remain in service with the Royal Navy, seven have been decommissioned, and three are now part of the Chilean Navy.

In our game, the Type 23 will debut as a British Rank V missile-carrying destroyer. This ultra-modern ship boasts excellent artillery, torpedo armament, and powerful missiles. The main weapon of the Type 23 is the anti-ship Harpoon guided missile, which can travel long distances, autonomously targeting and penetrating the defenses of any enemy.

A new type of missile, the Sea Ceptor, makes its debut in the game. Equipped with the latest radar systems, these missiles can be effectively used against enemy surface targets. The development team has meticulously studied the mechanics of launching Sea Ceptor missiles on warships and recreated it in the game with high authenticity: vertical takeoff, turn, rapid flight, and precise target hit! The Sea Ceptor missiles have an effective range starting from 1 km, making them versatile for both long-range engagements and close combat.

The launchers have a reloading time of 15 seconds between consecutive salvos of four missiles.
The launchers have a reloading time of 15 seconds between consecutive salvos of four missiles.

The main artillery on the Type 23 is the 114mm Mark 8 cannon located at the front of the ship. This cannon fires semi-armor-piercing shells, making it highly effective against destroyers and other lightly armored targets. The frigate's torpedo armament includes advanced British Sting Ray torpedoes, currently in use on naval ships in Europe and East Asia. For anti-aircraft defense, the Type 23 is equipped with two turrets featuring 30mm Bushmaster Mk44 rapid-fire cannons, which are effective against air targets at low to medium altitudes.

Despite its strong armament, the Type 23 lacks armor and has a relatively modest speed of 60 km/h for its class. When targeted by the enemy, the Type 23 cannot withstand sustained fire for long. Therefore, the most effective tactics involve operating within a group of allies and launching attacks from behind islands or under the cover of a smoke screen.


The Type 23 destroyer (Rank V) is available after you reach level 27* in the ship campaign. You can upgrade the campaign level for Golden Eagles instantly to gain access to this ship faster than other players, or you can level up in battle.

Please remember that as soon as Campaign Level 28 becomes available, Level 27, 27* and 27** platoons will merge into a single Level 27. Vehicles purchased for Golden Eagles will remain as a premium even after the levels are merged. The final coefficients on the three vehicles will be the same as the level 27 vehicles.