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[Seasonal Offer] French Vacation

[Seasonal Offer] French Vacation

Discover the elegant and deadly premium French vehicles in War Thunder Mobile!

Commanders! From June 5th to June 13th, 07:00 (GMT), tank mode fans can grab a bargain seasonal bundle featuring the formidable France AMX-10RC platoon. Naval battle enthusiasts can also enjoy an incredible discount on the cruiser "Émile Bertin"!

Seasonal Offers

  • In the Tank Campaign: AMX-10RC Platoon + 2 Keys for the Big Trophy from the "Gathering Storm" season + Back-ups x5, Repair Kits x50, Fire Extinguishers x25.
  • In the Ship Campaign: cruiser “Émile Bertin” + 2 Keys for the Big Trophy from the "Gathering Storm" season + Smoke Generators x125 + Naval Supply x125.

Platoon AMX-10RC (Rank VII)

The AMX-10RC armored fighting vehicle, introduced in the early 1980s, remains in service with the French armed forces and is also used by countries like Morocco and Qatar. It boasts excellent mobility and superior firepower compared to its competitors. Here are the key highlights!

When discussing agility, top speed isn't always the focus. The AMX-10RC's speed is average, but its high power-to-weight ratio and reversible transmission allow it to accelerate quickly and reverse at the same speed as moving forward. It features a sophisticated turning mechanism, making it one of the few wheeled vehicles in the game capable of turning on the spot like a tank.

The main weapon of the AMX-10RC is a modernized 105mm gun from the L7 family. A key feature of this tank is the commander's access to a highly effective APFSDS round, capable of penetrating almost any enemy from any angle. This means the AMX-10RC can effectively engage even higher-ranked opponents with ease!

Due to its weak armor, the AMX-10RC's survivability relies on its speed and situational awareness. Quickly moving from cover to cover, the tank must inflict maximum damage on the move, avoiding positional firefights. Think fast, move fast, shoot fast!

The AMX-10RC will be accompanied by a mix of both new and battle-tested combat vehicles.


The AMX-30 ACRA experimental missile tank features a unique 142mm cannon-launcher. This allows it to launch ATGMs capable of penetrating any opponent's defenses.

For close combat, the tank is equipped with HE shells. The AMX-30 ACRA is dynamic and has a reversible transmission, enabling it to move backward as quickly as it moves forward.

AMX-50 (TO90/930)

The experimental French tank is equipped with a 90mm cannon, a 12-shot drum-fed autoloader, and excellent APHEBC ammunition. With a firing rate of 15 rounds per minute from the "drum", it excels at flanking maneuvers, allowing you to target the enemies vulnerable sides.


As implied by its name, the AMX-30 DCA anti-aircraft gun is constructed on the chassis of the main battle tank AMX-30. It features a well-protected hull and is armed with a pair of high-speed 30-mm cannons designed to destroy aircraft and light armored vehicles.

Émile Bertin (Rank II)

The light cruiser "Émile Bertin" was initially designed to serve as a flagship for destroyer formations and as a mine cruiser. While its participation in combat operations during World War II was limited, it played crucial roles in evacuating the gold reserves of Poland and France. By 1943, it had entered service with Free France. Following the war's conclusion, "Émile Bertin" even served as the flagship of the French Navy for a period. During peacetime, the ship was utilized for training purposes. Ultimately, in 1959, "Émile Bertin" was decommissioned and scrapped.

The "Émile Bertin" light cruiser presents an intriguing fusion of characteristics from both destroyers and light cruisers. While its armor is modest, it compensates with remarkable speed and a formidable main caliber armament. In the hands of adept commanders, it becomes a "glass cannon" on the naval battlefield. With nine 152mm main caliber guns, it inflicts significant damage on Rank II enemies and lighter classes of older ships. Additionally, "Émile Bertin" can launch three torpedoes simultaneously. However, its vulnerability necessitates strategic positioning behind sturdier allies, capitalizing on its agility to swiftly change positions and utilize cover effectively.

The "Émile Bertin" lacks long-range anti-aircraft artillery, but it compensates with a barrage of 37mm machine gun shells and intense heavy machine gun fire at close range against enemy aircraft. Two onboard planes aid in reconnaissance and accelerate the elimination of hidden enemies behind islands.

Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to purchase premium vehicles at a discounted rate and receive a bonus – keys for the Big Trophy from the "Gathering Storm" season!