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[Coming Soon] New location “Normandy”

[Coming Soon] New location “Normandy”

A tank map featuring unique topography will appear in the game in the next major update!

Eighty years ago, on June 6, 1944, over 150,000 Allied soldiers landed on the beaches of France under heavy fire from German fortifications. This marked the beginning of Operation Overlord, also known as Operation Normandy.

Over 3 million soldiers and an immense number of sea, air, and ground vehicles participated in this largest operation in history. The Normandy operation marked a significant milestone in the military efforts of the anti-Hitler coalition during the final stage of the war.

In honor of D-Day, we introduce a new map inspired by significant historical events!

"Normandy" is the game's first semi-urban map with significant elevation changes, offering multiple strategic opportunities. You can engage in positional firefights, set up unexpected multi-level ambushes with teammates, or secure advantageous high ground to cover allies with a barrage of fire.

To hold positions on the coast, use vehicles with good vertical gun elevation or ATGM carriers. Tanks with excellent negative declination angles, such as most American models, will excel in hilltop attacks.

Opt for mobile wheeled vehicles to quickly capture points, light and medium tanks for flanking and surprise attacks, and heavily armored vehicles for holding positions, covering allies, and pushing through the center.

Commanders, plan your own Normandy operation and realize it in War Thunder Mobile!