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[Coming Soon] Object 248: The Assault Beast

[Coming Soon] Object 248: The Assault Beast

A versatile new USSR platoon is coming in the next War Thunder Mobile update! This squad is prepared for any challenge!

Platoon Object 248 (Rank V)

To counter German heavy tanks and armored SPGs, the USSR urgently needed to increase its tanks' firepower. One focus was upgrading the IS-1 and IS-2 tanks with 100mm caliber guns. The prototype, named "Object 248" and based on the IS-2, was equipped with the latest S-34 gun. Unfortunately, due to insufficient time to finalize the turret and gun mantlet, "Object 248" did not enter mass production. However, it will prove very useful in War Thunder Mobile!

Object 248

Imagine the legendary Soviet IS-2, but with a gun that has the same power as the D-25T and reloads twice as fast. Exciting? Then "Object 248" is definitely your choice!

While retaining the core qualities of the IS-2, the new "Object 248" boasts an increased fire rate and 100mm shells, which are slightly inferior to those of the original model.

The tank excels in most combat scenarios, offering a balance of mobility, protection, and consistent damage. It does have weak spots, particularly on the front of the hull, but experienced commanders mitigate this by angling the tank away from the enemy.

The "Object 248" is better suited for urban combat, where its armor and fire rate serve the commander well, compensating for the tank gun's limited vertical aiming angles.

The "Object 248" will be accompanied by highly capable partners. Let's explore the battlefield opportunities that await the commander who selects this platoon.


One of the most successful mass-produced variants of the T-34 featured the ZIS-S-53 gun, capable of penetrating any medium tank at its rank, as well as certain heavy tanks and self-propelled guns. It boasted excellent mobility, a high rate of fire, and a wide selection of shells, including a potent armor piercing shell and a sub-caliber shell for heavily armored targets.


The SU-100P self-propelled gun features an exposed combat compartment and limited protection. However, its exceptional 100mm gun and high mobility compensate for this vulnerability. A concealed SU-100P can pose a significant threat to even the most formidable tanks and self-propelled vehicles of the enemy team.


A rugged field modification of the BTR-D armored troop carrier emerged from the Afghan War. Sporting a twin-barreled ZU-23-2 anti-aircraft gun on its roof, it offers defense against low-flying aircraft and ambushes on mountain routes. Highly mobile and fast-firing, it's sure to win the hearts of daring commanders in War Thunder Mobile.

The Object 248 (Rank V) Platoon will be available in the Medium Trophy of the Tank Campaign with the start of the new Season.