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[Coming Soon] Mogami Heavy Cruiser: The Secret of the Emperor

[Coming Soon] Mogami Heavy Cruiser: The Secret of the Emperor

The Japanese heavy cruiser Mogami (Rank II) will be one of the most advanced warships of its class in the game!

Mogami (Rank II)

The Mogami cruisers were initially designed as light cruisers to comply with the London Naval Treaty limits. However, during construction, it became clear that their displacement significantly exceeded these limits. Despite this, construction continued in secret, and the ships were equipped with reinforced armament, including 10 203-mm guns. By the start of World War II, the Mogami class had gained significant attention, yet remained Japan's secret weapon. 

Only four ships were built in the series, which were classified as heavy cruisers due to their increased size and firepower. These ships actively participated in WWII events in the Pacific and were eventually destroyed in battle. The lead ship of the series met its end in the epic battle of Leyte Gulf, where it was damaged, but most of the crew survived.

The Mogami heavy cruiser is an exceptional ship, boasting excellent performance for its class. It is well-protected and heavily armed, featuring five twin-gun turrets with 10 203-mm guns. These guns can deliver a powerful broadside with minimal hull rotation, inflicting substantial and consistent damage on any ship up to the size of battleships.

The auxiliary armament consists of eight rapid-firing 127-mm guns in four turrets, with two on each side. While the Mogami's anti-aircraft weaponry, typical of pre-war ships, isn't its strongest feature, it is not entirely defenseless, equipped with 25-mm machine guns on deck.

Additionally, the Mogami carries the renowned Japanese 610-mm torpedoes, some of the best in the game. For reconnaissance, the cruiser is equipped with three E7K2 seaplanes, ensuring you always have a clear view of the battlefield.

The hull armor and critical compartments of the Mogami are exemplary for a heavy cruiser. The armor is strategically concentrated to cover all vulnerable zones along the ship's sides. However, a significant drawback in the Mogami's armor scheme is the main caliber turrets. In an effort to comply with international maritime treaty requirements, the turret armor was made just thick enough to protect against small caliber shells, leaving it relatively vulnerable.

As previously mentioned, the ship is only slightly slower than light cruisers and is undoubtedly one of the fastest heavy cruisers. This speed allows you to play actively, quickly change cover, and position the ship favorably for both attack and survival.

The Mogami (Rank II) can be obtained from the Medium Trophy of the Ship Campaign with the start of the new Season.