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[Coming Soon] Battleship “Novorossiysk”: Take The Hit!

[Coming Soon] Battleship “Novorossiysk”: Take The Hit!

Meet Soviet battleship “Novorossiysk”: the second life of a sea worker with Italian roots.

“Novorossiysk” (Rank IV)

The battleship “Novorossiysk”, originally “Giulio Cesare”, was built in Italy before the outbreak of WWI as one of the “Conte di Cavour” class battleships. This ship was a formidable ship for its time, and one of the trump aces of the Royal Italian Navy. In the interwar period, this battleship underwent deep modernization, which included the installation of new 320 mm guns. With the outbreak of WWII this ship made several combat missions, but due to damage and fuel shortage it was no longer used in battles after 1942.

In 1949 as part of reparations, the “Giulio Cesare” was handed over to the USSR Navy, where it received the new name of “Novorossiysk”. In its new homeland, this ship underwent a large program of restoration and modernization and took part in maneuvers until 1955.

In our game, the battleship “Novorossiysk” will appear with the release of the next big update of War Thunder Mobile at rank IV in the USSR branch. This versatile ship is without glaring disadvantages, but with obvious strengths, will become a workhorse for battles at high ranks.

So what makes this new Soviet battleship so special compared to other ships of rank IV? The first thing that commanders will notice when starting a game in the “Novorossiysk” is its remarkable maneuverability. This huge battleship is easy to control, can accelerate and come to a stop quickly, and can easily maneuver between cover.

The second bright advantage is the excellent reloading speed of its main caliber guns for its rank. 10 x 320 mm Ansaldo cannons in four turrets perfectly compensates for not having the largest caliber with very high fire density. This makes it possible to successfully work on the enemy from hiding places, showering them with a hail of shells before the enemy even notices the appearance of the “Novorossiysk”. You should refrain from duels at long ranges, but in a firefight at medium range the ship will be like a fish in water.

This ship is fast enough, especially for a pre-war battleship. “Novorossiysk” can live for a long time under fire — the citadel and the turrets can withstand the impact of cruiser artillery, and the crew is large enough so the ship can forgive any mistakes made.

During the modernization process “Novorossiysk” acquired a very decent air defense battery. 100 mm guns start to work at long range positions, and at low altitudes 37 mm guns are included. Good help for the team!

Together with you we are waiting for “Novorossiysk” to arrive at the docks of the next big WTM update — be ready to meet it!

The battleship “Novorossiysk” (Rank IV) will be available from the Big Trophy of the Ship Campaign or from an offer after the start of the Season.