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Major Sands of Liberty

Major Sands of Liberty

It is time for the 3rd major update of War Thunder Mobile! In celebration of the game’s release we have added five platoons of armored vehicles, 10 ships and submarines and 2 locations!

The update is called “Sands Of Liberty” — War Thunder veterans have probably already guessed why. One of the new locations will be the familiar “American Desert”!

And now, the details about all changes.

New vehicles


Leopard A1A1 platoon (Rank VII)

  • Leopard A1A1
  • M48A2 G A2
  • RakJPz 2 (HOT)
  • Gepard

M60A1 platoon (Rank VII)

  • M60A1
  • M60A2
  • M3 Bradley
  • M247

Leopard 1 platoon (Rank VI)

  • Leopard 1
  • M48A2 C
  • MKPz M47 G
  • Marder A1

T-55A platoon (Rank VII)

  • T-55A
  • T-62
  • IT-1
  • ZSU-37-2

T54E1 premium platoon (Rank VI)

  • T54E1
  • M50
  • M163 (1st CVT)
  • T32E1


New locations

Location for ground battles “American Desert”

Location for naval battles “Ships Graveyard”

Fixed visual errors in locations

  • Poland
  • Japan
  • Abandoned factory
  • Stalingrad

Other changes

  • Submarines of the Balao-class and Tang-class have been renamed to USS Balao and USS Tang respectively.
  • USS Tang submarine has been moved from Rank IV to Rank III.
  • IJN Yamato and HMS Vanguard have been removed from the lineup until they are announced in the next updates.
  • Arrows signalling the ability to scroll through the list of settings and products have been added in the settings and in the store.
  • Tooltips signalling the ability to extinguish or repair vehicles have been added.
  • The squad invite button has now been moved to the left of the contact button and only appears when invitations are available.

The following bugs have been fixed

  • Launch of the depth bombs in the naval battles didn’t consume the entire ammunition load, leaving 1-4 bombs unused.
  • Depth bombs didn’t explode on contact with the ground.
  • Effects shining through some objects.
  • The forward direction arrow on the tank model wasn’t displayed.
  • Font size of price tags of various vehicles increased after trying to purchase it without having the required amount of Silver Lions.
  • Location circles of the enemy ships that were out of range on the minimap on iPad devices were displayed too large.
  • During a call or when locking the screen of iOS devices the game could close connection to the server and prevent you from returning to the battle.
  • Lack of displaying the reload of the fire extinguishing button when the fire reoccurs.
  • Twitching direction arrow when switching from turn to forward movement.
  • Incorrect class icon for ships of "Battleship" type. Added vehicle filter by the class “Battleship”.
  • Name of the 305 mm/45 Vickers cannon on IJN Settsu.
  • Flickering rails on the map "Abandoned factory".
  • Incorrect positioning of tank shell icons in battle.
  • Jittering camera movement in the hangar on some devices with framerate over 60 fps.

Meet you on the battlefield, commanders!