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[Coming soon] T54E1 tank platoon and Ikoma battleship

The sneak peek at the new Premium vehicles in the next game update: a platoon of the rarest American tank with an oscillating turret and a menacing Japanese armored cruiser.

T54E1 (Rank VI)

A rare experimental American heavy tank on a M48 Patton chassis with a powerful 105 mm gun. The tank features an oscillating turret which allows great gun depression angle and drum-like autoloader!


The American M50 Ontos tank destroyer armed with six 106mm recoilless rifles at once is a true gunslinger! Lightweight and nimble headhunter goes on the warpath!

M163 (1st CVT)

Is there a single person in the whole world who does not like Gatling guns? We bet there isn’t! That is why the M163 Vulcan air defense system with its 20mm six-barreled rotary cannon and a rate of fire of 3,000 rounds per minute will appeal to everyone!


Slow but sure, the American T32E1 heavy tank is renowned for its incredible gun mantlet armor.Able to absorb tons of damage with the turret’s front, the tank alone can stand alone against several enemies, although be sure to hide its hull behind a cover!

IJN Ikoma (Rank III)

The armored cruiser Ikoma was built at the very dawn of the XX century and even managed to take part in the First World War. Good protection and 305-mm main guns make her a truly formidable opponent, but the captain should keep in mind her low speed and the lack of rapid-firing anti-aircraft guns.