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You ask — developers answer! Issue 2.

Will there be an air mode in the game? When to expect events, chat and camouflages? What are the game development plans for the nearest year?

War Thunder Mobile developers' answers to some of the most popular questions from players are in this article:

1. Will there be a separate aviation mode in the game?

Yes, and we have already started working on it. To launch aviation in War Thunder Mobile correctly, we need to improve the controls and interfaces, optimize the game, and refine the current modes. Detailed tuning and testing of aircraft takes time, but the launch of aviation is planned for next year.

2. Are there any plans to expand the interface customization options? Specifically about changing the size of on-screen buttons, moving them around the screen "to suit the player", etc.

Yes, it's planned. We're already working on it.

3. Can we expect more varied graphics customization like on PC this year?

The limited variation in settings allows us to fix glitches quickly and optimize the game for such a variety of devices that run on Android. Therefore, the expansion of settings will be decided after we have done all the planned optimization and bug fixing work.

4. When can we expect the first Battle Pass and daily quests?

As you may have already noticed, there's now quest functionality in the game. This is the first step towards the addition of the Daily Quests. BP is also planned in one of the next major updates already this year.

5. Can we expect team chats this year? Will there be voice chat in the game?

This improvement is in the plans, we can't announce the terms yet - such things require thorough testing. Chats will definitely appear in the game, including team chat. Perhaps voice chats will also be added over time.

6. Will the ability to hide the interface to record cool streams be added?

A button to hide the interface may appear in the game in the future. We are working on expanding the functionality of game interface settings, stay tuned.

7. Can we expect RB (realistic battle mode like on PC) this year?

Realistic Battles is a unique mode from the WT PC. It is interesting, difficult, requires long and thoughtful fine-tuning. It is impossible to just take and transfer a ready-made solution to mobile devices. Besides, it's still worth considering the difference between playing on PC and on a mobile device. So far we are not sure that RB on phones will be a really popular and comfortable mode. Therefore, RB will not appear in the near future, but we know how important it is for you and we are looking at options to realize this request.

8. Will there be battle rewards in the game? This is about rewards like in the PC version of War Thunder - "First Strike", "Last Strike" and so on.

Yes, battle rewards in War Thunder Mobile are already in the works.

9. When will it be possible to track your battle statistics? Victories, defeats, number of destroyed vehicles, etc. It would be nice to view the profile of allies and opponents after the battle to understand by statistics what they are strong in.

Player statistics in the profile will definitely be there. As soon as we solve the main issues on finalizing the basic part of the game, we will add this function.

10. Are there plans to add realistic camouflage, historical and tactical marks on vehicles, stickers, decals, bushes to the game?

The approach to cosmetic items and modifying the appearance of vehicles will be different from the PC version. How exactly? Stay tuned for more news.

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