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[Coming Soon] Warsaw Pact Armor!

[Coming Soon] Warsaw Pact Armor!

The legendary T-55A and T-62 medium tanks, the world's only missile tank, the IT-1 and the ZSU-37-2 anti-aircraft shredder! Meet the new USSR platoon of Rank VII coming to the game with the upcoming update!


T-55A medium tanks were a further development of the T-54 series, designed for operations in a nuclear environment. An excellent medium tank with a powerful gun and APDS rounds!


The T-62 is a new era Soviet tank boasting excellent armor and a new 115 mm gun. A highly mobile medium tank for active combat with good protection and deadly firepower!


IT-1 "Drakon", built on the chassis of the T-62 medium tank, was the only mass-produced tank in history, armed only with guided missiles. Low profile, good mobility and punchy anti-tank missiles that can overcome the defenses of almost any enemy on the battlefield.


ZSU-37-2 was developed as a vehicle for the close air support of Soviet tank units. Two fast-firing 37mm belt-fed autocannons tear apart any air target or light vehicle on the ground.