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[Coming soon] The battleships Fuso and Sovetskij Soyuz, and submarines Type XXI and Project 613

We’d like to share with you more details on the new ships and submarines in the upcoming major update!

Fuso (Rank IV)

Battleship Fuso was the first Japanese ship built under the ‘all-big-gun’ design. A broadside from the 12 14” main guns will deal tremendous damage to any enemy, while solid armoring doesn’t prevent Fuso from being one of the fastest dreadnoughts in the game.

Type XXI (Rank IV)

The German type XXI submarines merged all the up-to-date developments of shipbuilding of their time. In battle, the submarine carries 533 mm torpedoes, as well as 20 mm rapid-fire anti-aircraft guns.

Project 613 (Rank IV)

The Project 613 were the most massively produced submarines by the USSR and were built after reverse engineering the German type XXI submarines. In the game, they have low speed, carrying a pair of 57 mm AA auto cannons.

Sovetskij Soyuz (Rank IV)

The Sovetskij Soyuz and other Project 23 battleships were supposed to be the most powerful and heaviest ships in its class across the world, but the war prevented their completion. 406 mm main r guns, 152 mm auxiliary artillery and insurmountable armor - the tzar of the seas comes to War Thunder Mobile!

Please note a correction of a typo in the news about Leopard A1A1 platoon: instead of the incorrectly specified Gepard 1A2 in the platoon there will be an earlier modification — Gepard (the correct model on the screenshot).