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Major Update ‘Jungle Strike’!

Major Update ‘Jungle Strike’!

The 5th Major Update of War Thunder Mobile is now in the game!

In this update, you can expect to see the following:

  • Exciting battles on the new ground location “Vietnam hills”;
  • The 2nd season of the long-term event with premium vehicles;
  • The long-awaited IJN Yamato and ruthless Chinese platoon;
  • New achievement mechanics and much more!

Read more about the changes of the Jungle Strike major update in the article below.

New vehicles


Platoon ZTZ88A (Rank VIII)

  • ZTZ88A
  • ZTZ59D1
  • CM25
  • PGZ09

T29 Premium Platoon (Rank VI)
(can be obtained during the Jungle Strike season )

  • T29
  • Super Hellcat
  • M6A2E1
  • M42 (1-44 ADA)

KV-122 Premium Platoon (Rank IV)
(can be obtained during the Jungle Strike season )

  • KV-122
  • PT-76B
  • SU-122P
  • BTR-ZD


New location

Vietnam hills, the brand new ground location, appears harmonious and peaceful. However, if you fall into a daydream while looking at the stone Buddha, you may encounter shots from the swamp mangroves, so watch out!

Season 2

Complete this season’s Jungle Strike battle tasks, get War Bonds as a reward and unlock trophy containers with valuable prizes for them. The season will begin on 11/16/23 at 10:00 AM (UTC).

Unique trophy rewards: the premium KV-122 platoon and premium destroyer Svetlyy in the Medium Trophy, and the premium T29 platoon and premium SMS Von Der Tann battlecruiser in the Big Trophy.

Trophies can now be unlocked by players who have reached level 3 in the tank or ship campaigns.

The race for the first place in the Leaderboards will start in a week — at the same time as the opportunity to unlock the Big Trophy.


The new Achievements mechanic will diversify your gameplay and allow you to unlock valuable rewards.

Stylish nickname decorators, great avatars and unique titles are waiting for you. Play as usual, fill the progress bar and collect your rewards!

New “Star Level” mechanics

Today, the first platoon for level 14* has been introduced to the game: the ZTZ88A. First of all, a star on a vehicle icon means that it’s a new level of the campaign. You can start gaining experience towards 14* campaign level after you've reached regular 14 level.

In the next major update, there'll be vehicles for the 14th ** campaign level. Over time, the levels 14, 14*, 14** of the campaign will become base level 14 with three units of vehicles on it.. This will allow new players to level up faster and catch up with those players who have been in War Thunder Mobile for a long time!

As for players who reach the maximum star level they not only be able to try out new vehicles much faster than others, but will also receive a note of achievement, which will be immortalized in their profile forever!

The “Hall of Fame” will be available after the release of the “View Player Profile” feature.

Fixed bugs

  • A bug that caused barrels and tanks to not be destroyed by main caliber shots has been fixed. Destruction temporarily occurs without additional visual effects of the explosion.
  • Wooden wagons on the locations “Stalingrad” and “Abandoned Factory” can now be shot through again.
  • Voice lines when the USS New Orleans is detected have been fixed.
  • The performance on devices with Mali GPU has been improved.
  • Various minor technical fixes.

Good luck on your journey to new achievements, commanders!