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[COMING SOON] Premium KV-122 and T29 platoons

[COMING SOON] Premium KV-122 and T29 platoons

The powerful experimental Soviet Rank IV Platoon and American Rank VI Platoon will become serious opponents even for experienced commanders.

KV-122 Platoon (Rank IV)

(Can be received from the Medium Trophy of the new season)


The KV-122 was an experimental tank with the aim to increase the firepower of KV-85 tanks. Therefore, a prototype with a 122mm cannon that was capable of penetrating the most heavily armored tanks appeared. Not bad for a heavy tank: mobility and a powerful 122mm cannon make it ideal for supporting your allies, but make sure you keep in mind the relatively long reload time of the devastating 122mm cannon. Aim accurately!


The PT-76B amphibious light tank can be considered one of the most iconic tanks of the Cold War. This vehicle has participated in many battles — from the Vietnam War and the Six-Day War to conflicts of the late 20th century. This fast scout with a stabilized cannon has a very effective set of ammunition, including shaped charge shells, which are especially effective against traditional heavy tanks and self-propelled vehicles!


The SU-122P is an experimental self-propelled vehicle based on the famous SU-100, but with a more powerful gun. The special long-barreled gun more than compensates for its lack of armor! It is equally well suited for both urban combat and sniper ambushes — its powerful ability to penetrate armor, coupled with excellent gun ballistics make it one of the best of its rank!


The BTR-ZD is an anti-aircraft gun that is a real child of war. This field modification utilizes a lightly armored personnel carrier, with the addition of twin ZU-23-2 anti-aircraft guns, which appeared in Soviet combat units during the Afghan war. Its rapid-firing 23mm cannons are capable of shredding enemy aircraft as well as lightly armored vehicles of the enemy. Coupled with this and good mobility, the BTR-ZD is asking to lead risky adrenaline-filled flanks against the enemy team!

T29 Platoon (Rank VI)

(Can be received from the Big Trophy in the new season)


The T29 is an American heavy tank that was one of the developed experimental vehicles to counter the heavy tanks of Germany at the end of World War II. The T29 has very strong armor at the front of the turret, particularly the gun mantlet. If the hull of the T29 is behind cover, it’ll be very difficult to take this tank “head-on”! The second advantage of this new premium tank is its long-barreled 105 mm gun, which is a great weapon! Fantastic ballistics at all ranges, a fairly high reloading speed and a good selection of shells, including sub-caliber, make this gun a universal weapon for any situation in battle!

M18 Super Hellcat

The M18 Super Hellcat tank destroyer was designed based on the experience of encounters with Germany’s most protected tanks during the U.S. Army’s advance through Europe. The M18 Super Hellcat received a 90mm gun, and retained the signature mobility of the series. In the game, the Super Hellcat will be one of the best light tank destroyers. It certainly can’t take a beating from enemy shells due to its light armor, dense layout and open turret, but is capable of inflicting massive damage from unexpected directions, where it can get there before most other scouts.


This experimental tank was a deep modernization of the M6 series of heavy tanks with improved protection and a new 105mm gun. “Slow but steady” is exactly how you can define playing the M6A2E1. This big, tall and clumsy looking tank doesn't get to capture points first, but once it has established itself in a position, knocking it out becomes a challenge! The M6A2E1’s turret has very thick armor, and its rounded shape leads to frequent ricochets. While enemies are looking for weak points to fire at, the accurate 105mm cannon will send them to the hangar!

M42 Duster

The M42 Duster anti-aircraft gun carries the insignia of the Vietnam War period. The vehicle itself is built on the chassis of the famous Walker Bulldog light tank, featuring excellent driving characteristics. Its armament consists of a pair of automatic 40mm cannons, which can be used to shoot down aircraft and attack vulnerable areas of medium and light tanks. However, be mindful of its light armor and exposed crew — make sure there are allies around to back you up!

Commanders, join the battle with these new premium tanks and destroy enemy platoons one by one!