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[COMING SOON] ZTZ88A Platoon: Terracotta Army

The first platoon of Chinese armored vehicles in the game! Universal set of vehicles for serious battles - two excellent tanks, anti-tank CM25 and self-propelled anti-aircraft gun!


The ZTZ88A is one of the first Chinese tanks from a new era. The key feature of the ZTZ88A was a new gun - a modified 105mm L7 series gun with increased barrel length, and a reinforced, fast engine. The ZTZ88A has good protection against kinetic shells and good mobility, while the long-barrel cannon will allow you to easily shoot even at long rang!


One of the most advanced modifications of the ZTZ59 medium tank with a modern 105 mm gun, a licensed copy of the British L7 gun. The tank is specially modified to withstand shaped charge weapons - the front part of the hull and turret is covered with dynamic protection blocks, the tracks and sides of the engine and transmission compartment have shaped charge shields.


The CM25 anti-tank missile carrier was inspired by the concept of the legendary American M113 APC, but built entirely in China. The vehicle carries a TOW weapon system with traditional anti-tank missiles, as well as missiles that explode over the target! They hit a tank in the roof of the turret or engine compartment, which are vulnerable to such attacks - a great way to draw the enemy out from behind cover!


The PGZ09 self-propelled air defense system is armed with high-speed 35mm cannons that literally cut down low-flying aircraft and will do well against light ground vehicles.