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War Thunder - Now on Your Smartphone

War Thunder - Now on Your Smartphone

Large-scale military vehicular combat is now accessible right on your mobile phones globally! The Open Beta test has begun with War Thunder Mobile for Android portable devices and we invite all interested players to download the APK file from the official web site of the game

There are hot tank and naval battles with aviation support already in game with up to 20 players in each battle!
And that is real War Thunder combat experience - without compromise!

In one battle, mobile gamers can feel both the power of a heavy tank breaching walls and trees, or the inertia of a 50,000 tonne cruiser and the adrenaline in a quick and manoeuvrable dogfight of an interceptor pursuing an enemy bomber.

Until recently, one could not dream of having such combined battles in a mobile game. In order to destroy enemy vehicles players need to study their specifics, the placement of their key equipment modules and armament details. Quality combat physics and no “healthbars”!

Smartphone users can finally enjoy dynamic and realistic War Thunder battles in known locations with proper shell ballistics and a detailed indication of the armour penetration process, splinter trajectories and crew and equipment damage.

When working on a mobile version of the game, we carefully transferred all that makes War Thunder a unique game. At the same time, we adapted the interface, vehicle controls and progression mechanics to make the game comfortable for mobile players.

Of the thousands of military vehicles models presented in War Thunder, we selected the most interesting and famous ones for the mobile game. Altogether, at the Beta test start, you can enjoy more than 200 different armoured ground vehicles, ships and aircraft.

You can control light, medium and heavy tanks, self-propelled and anti-aircraft artillery, fighters and bombers, destroyers, cruisers and dreadnoughts. And in naval battles we have already added even submarines with their own special gameplay!

Currently, there are military vehicles from the USA, USSR, Britain, Germany, France and Japan from World War II and some early Cold War years. We will continue to add new famous vehicles up to some of the most modern ones!

A Beta-test progress wipe isn’t planned in the future. Any game currency purchased during previous alpha test will be credited to your account in Beta. Both alpha-testers and beta-testers will get special gifts when the game is released, and all participants of the alpha-testing will additionally get 3 days of Premium account!

Supported Devices

War Thunder Mobile can be played on most Android 10 and later devices with a minimum of 4 GB RAM. On the newest smartphones with Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 from Qualcomm Technologies, we support the newly announced real-time Hardware-Accelerated Ray Tracing - a technology that will enhance overall visual quality and immersion by adding ray-traced smooth shadows with realistic penumbras, translucency, self-shadowing, and other effects ensuring great player combat immersion.

Currently the game can be installed by downloading the APK file. Release of War Thunder Mobile in Google Play, as well as in the AppStore for iOS is planned in the nearest future.

See you all in the battle — anywhere!

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