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Welcome to War Thunder Mobile!

We are pleased to see you in the beta-test mobile spin-off of the world-famous online action game War Thunder!

Take command of legendary tanks, warships and aircraft in intense battles of mixed kinds of war machines. For example, you may take off into the sky in your combat aircraft and bomb and sink an enemy battleship, or cover allied tanks from enemy air raids! 

The mobile version will feature realistic damage and flight models, as well as historically accurate models of the war vehicles - same as we do in War Thunder. At the same time, the progression system will be adapted for mobile devices and will allow you to quickly and easily access new vehicles from all gaming nations.

In War Thunder Mobile you will have the chance to test iconic war machines, such as the German Tiger heavy tank, Soviet IL-2 Sturmovik strike aircraft, or the Japanese battleship Yamato. 

The beta version will feature dozens of vehicles from the USA, Germany, Japan, Great Britain and the USSR. At first, the game will cover the period of World War II, but future updates will expand the arsenal of vehicles and add new nations and time periods, up to the present time.

You will be able to research and use all kinds of light and heavy tanks, self-propelled guns, anti-aircraft systems, fighter and bomber aircraft, destroyers, cruisers and battleships in battle. The developers also plan to add player-controlled submarines and aircraft carriers, frequently experimenting to create a new, believable and fun military simulator.

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