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[Coming soon] The AMX-13 (HOT) Platoon: upgraded turrets and launch missiles!

[Coming soon] The AMX-13 (HOT) Platoon: upgraded turrets and launch missiles!

French vehicles are always something extraordinary! Meet the new Rank VII Premium Platoon straight from France!

AMX-13 (HOT) Platoon (Rank VII)

AMX-13 (HOT)

The AMX-13 light tank was developed in the early post-war years, with serial production of the vehicle beginning in 1952. This tank was a success for its time, however the arms race demanded an increase in firepower, and alongside this ensuring that its permissible max weight was not exceeded. There was the first version featuring 1st generation SS.11 ATGMs, and a little later the more advanced guided HOT missile, capable of penetrating up to 700 mm of homogenous armor.

The leader of this new French premium platoon is the AMX-13 light tank with 6 launchers for firing HOT anti-tank guided missiles. A tank with an oscillating turret, known to experienced commanders, this time gets a new specialization and completely different gameplay!

The AMX-13 tank performs well in battles against early Cold War tanks, but at Rank VII its 75 mm cannon can no longer penetrate most opponents head-on. The missile-capable AMX-13 (HOT) is a different class of vehicle, going from a recon unit and evolving into a ferocious anti-tank fighter! Utilize its mobility and take advantage of cover or flanking positions and let its guided missiles do their work. On the turret sides of the AMX-13 (HOT) are launchers with 6 missiles, each capable of sending any opponent to the hangar with a single successful hit!

However, it can’t be said that the AMX-13 (HOT)’s gun is entirely useless! That’s because it has enough armor penetration to destroy lightly armored vehicles and almost all main battle tanks from the side. Let’s not forget about the automatic loader — the famous automatic drum loader — which allows you to fire rounds in the first-stage ammunition rack with a very high reload speed.

In the game, the AMX-13 (HOT) is not alone. Along with it, you’ll find excellent premium vehicles for any combat situation. Firstly is the AMX-30 (1972) main battle tank, featuring a good top speed, good armor, plus a useful 20 mm autocannon alongside the main gun.

Next is the AMX-50 Surbaissé heavy tank. This one will be an excellent support vehicle for allied tanks — its oscillating turret is equipped with a long-barreled 120 mm gun with a rate of fire of 10 rounds per minute!

Finally, the AMX-30 DCA anti-aircraft vehicle, built on the AMX-30 MBT chassis, boasts solid hull protection for its class, good driving characteristics and a pair of fast-firing 30 mm cannons with armor-piercing belts (as it should)!

The AMX-13 (HOT) (Rank VII) Platoon will be available in the Big Trophy of the Tank Campaign one week after the start of the Season.