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[Coming Soon] Cruiser Pensacola – Bid for Damage

[Coming Soon] Cruiser Pensacola – Bid for Damage

The USS Pensacola, an American heavy cruiser, delivers a devastating salvo, inflicting colossal damage.

USS Pensacola (Rank II)

The USS Pensacola, a heavy cruiser, was the inaugural American vessel crafted to adhere to the stipulations of the Washington Conference. With a displacement of 10,000 tons, it was equipped to accommodate ten 203 mm guns, boasting impressive speed and range at the expense of heavier armor.

Before World War II erupted, the USS Pensacola initially operated along the U.S. East Coast before being deployed to the Pacific. Engaging in its maiden battle in early 1942, the ship remained active throughout most of the war, providing support during key events like the landings on Iwo Jima and Okinawa. Post-war, the Pensacola was utilized to assess the impact of nuclear detonations near Bikini Atoll before being decommissioned following artillery drills.

In War Thunder Mobile, the new premium ship in the American fleet, the USS Pensacola, serves as a transitional vessel between light and heavy cruisers. Constrained by the Washington Convention, the Pensacola had to compromise on armor, making it vulnerable to heavy cruisers and battleships, although sufficient for engagements with light cruisers.

However, the cruiser is armed with ten 203mm guns housed in four turrets, capable of inflicting significant damage. The Pensacola excels at swiftly annihilating light cruisers and less armored vessels. While its gun firepower can pose a threat to heavy cruisers, commanders must remain vigilant due to its vulnerable hull protection and take precautionary cover.

In the game, the USS Pensacola shouldn't operate independently from allied forces. If two or three enemy ships concentrate their fire on the cruiser, the battle could end swiftly. However, the Pensacola's formidable main guns will be crucial in helping your team overcome even the most formidable adversaries!

The USS Pensacola (Rank II) will be available in the Medium Trophy of the Ship Campaign with the start of the new Season.