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[Coming Soon] Premium Battleship Mutsu: Top Gunner

[Coming Soon] Premium Battleship Mutsu: Top Gunner

Meet the Japanese sea monster, the premium battleship Mutsu, armed with the largest guns in its rank!

IJN Mutsu (Rank III)

Mutsu, the second ship of the Nagato class, was considered as one of the finest battleships of its era. Commissioned in 1921, it was constructed using cutting-edge warship technology of the time, boasting record-breaking 410 mm main caliber guns. The battleship played a supporting role in the attack on Pearl Harbor, and later participated to a limited extent in the Battle of Midway and the Battle of the Solomon Islands. Tragically, Mutsu met its end in 1943 following an explosion in the gun cellar while anchored in port, resulting in the complete flooding of the ship.

In the upcoming War Thunder Mobile update, the IJN Mutsu, Japan's most advanced battleship of the interwar period, will be introduced to the game. The IJN Mutsu features formidable main cannons, strong defensive capabilities, and respectable speed for its class, all enhanced by its premium status!

The new IJN Mutsu stands out from other III rank battleships primarily due to its impressive main armament, boasting eight 410mm guns across four turrets. With this firepower, it can confidently engage any adversary, regardless of size or armor. Additionally, its auxiliary armament of 20 120mm guns, mounted individually in casemates, provides effective defense against smaller vessels and proves valuable in close-quarters combat with larger enemy ships.

The armor of the ship is deemed satisfactory — battleships and heavy cruisers can penetrate the IJN Mutsu at short and medium ranges. However, the main gun turrets and the citadel are shielded by the thickest armor. With its ample crew size, the battleship boasts good survivability in battle.

The IJN Mutsu's main weakness lies in its limited and sluggish air defense artillery, a common issue among early dreadnought battleships. To compensate, captains should stick close to allies who can offer better air defense support. However, in terms of mobility, the Mutsu stands out among pre-war Western battleships, boasting a respectable maximum speed of 56 km/h with the "New Machines" modification — quite impressive for its class!

The IJN Mutsu (Rank III) will be available in the Big Trophy of the Ship Campaign one week after the start of the Season.