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Ponies, tests and airplanes!

Ponies, tests and airplanes!

Developer notes on the first phase of aircraft mode testing.

Dear commanders! The April 1st event "Flying is Magic!" was not only fun, but also useful. As you already know, the event was the first stage of testing the new aircraft campaign. We are grateful to the players for their feedback and suggestions and have compiled a review of the testing results.

Popular aviation problems according to players:

  • Uncomfortable hard following of the target in the sighting circle, sudden turning and loss of control can occur.
  • The aiming circle shifts abruptly to another selected target.
  • The aiming circle moves directly to the target, although the player is already firing at the preposition marker.
  • The preposition marker appears with a delay (ranging from 1.5km to 400m) if the target is not selected, or does not appear.
  • Target lock works well if the target is flying straight, but if the target swerves, the screen starts to jerk.
  • Poorly visible difference between allies and enemies ( it's difficult to distinguish in combat).
  • Ground target indicator (Air Defense) is too small. Very difficult to distinguish enemy/allied targets at a distance.
  • Poorly visible preposition marker – small and unimpressive color.
  • No 1st person sight for dropping bombs.
  • There is a delay before going into battle, when some players are already fighting and some are still waiting for the start of battle in the vehicle selection screen.

Popular player suggestions:

  • Add customization of the size and transparency of the interface buttons.
  • Add the ability to control flaps.
  • Add sensitivity settings when controlling the airplane.
  • Many requests to give the ability to perform aerobatics (for example, add a gyroscope or a second joystick).
  • There is a lack of "Leave vehicles" feature.
  • Need an airplane "tutorial" – not everyone knows how to intuitively control airplanes.
  • Not enough aerial horizon.
  • Illumination of enemy ground vehicles – it is worth making the icon bigger and much brighter.
  • Add roll buttons, more options to control the airplane in flight.
  • You can move the interface from WT to mobile.
  • Remove the indication of allied air defense, distracts from the real targets.
  • Give the ability to invert the control sides for left-handed people.
  • Give the ability to make screenshots without the interface!

Developer Responses:

Thank you for your detailed feedback. We have analyzed it and are already working on many of the points.

Separately, we would like to mention a few issues. We are working on expanding aircraft control options. In particular, we are already improving the mechanics of target acquisition, adding flap control and the ability to leave the vehicles, tutorials will also be available, of course. Roll buttons, improved stick/joystick, gyroscope – all of this is noted and will be added to the game when possible and appropriate. We also know how important it is for you to change the size and transparency of the interface buttons, and have already raised the priority of this task.

It is impossible to completely port the aircraft control interface from PC to the smartphones because of the limitations of mobile devices. But we will try to port maximum necessary functionality of airplane control.

You can change the position of buttons in the interface editing menu in "manual mode", so the task with automatic inversion is not a priority. But the option to make screenshots without interfaces is already in the works.

A surprise for fans of "pony mode":

Thank you for your interest in the development of Aviation Mode and we want to delight you with a small but pleasant surprise: our artists have prepared a unique stickerpack for Telegram for you! You can find it by link War Thunder Magic and use it freely in communication. You can also download stickers directly from this news!

We wish you to be at your best at all times!