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[Season Sale] The legendary Chieftain & IJN Kongo!

[Season Sale] The legendary Chieftain & IJN Kongo!

A great sale on long-awaited vehicles in War Thunder Mobile!

Commanders! From April 4th to April 11th, tank fans will be able to get a set with the legendary Chieftain Mk 3 Platoon at a good price, and naval fans will be offered the great IJN Kongo with a superb discount!

Seasonal Offers

  • In the ship campaign: IJN Kongo + 2 Keys for the Big Trophy from the "Burning Dawn" season + Smoke Generators x125 + Naval Supply x125;
  • In the Tank Campaign: Chieftain Mk 3 Platoon + 2 Keys for the Big Trophy from the "Burning Dawn" season + Back-ups x5, Repair Kits x50, Fire Extinguishers x25.

The Chieftain Mk 3 (Rank VII) Platoon

The Chieftain is a British main battle tank built and used during the Cold War, in particular it was used by the British Army of the Rhine in West Germany. It was in service between the 60’s and 90’s with the British Army, and still remains in service in different forms with Iran and Oman to this day.

The Chieftain Mk 3 main battle tank became legendary during the alpha testing of the game returns as part of a glorious platoon! This tank is remembered by players for its excellent turret armor, fantastic sub-caliber shells and a cool dozer blade at the front.

The Chieftain is ideal for defending points and even entire areas on the map. When given the opportunity, be sure to play hull down to hide the lower chassis and instead take advantage of its good turret armor and excellent 120 mm cannon. Despite not having the best mobility this tank still be used in attacking, especially on urban maps. It has a dozer blade which doesn’t help with digging, but will add extra protection to the front.

Important: The dozer blade is decorative and adds some armor to the front of the tank. There’s no terraforming mechanics in WTM.

Let’s get acquainted with the Chieftain Mk 3 platoon!

In addition to the Chieftain in this platoon, is the Conqueror. Good armor and a stabilized 120 mm cannon make this heavy tank the hero of urban tank battles.

Next is the Striker. Light and little and almost devoid of armor, but is still very fast and armed with Swingfire guided missiles. The launcher has 5 missiles and 5 spares.

Lastly is the Falcon anti-aircraft vehicle, which can fight well against aircraft or other tanks. A pair of 30 mm autocannons with a high fire rate and excellent top speed will help to take out enemies quickly and efficiently.

IJN Kongo (Rank IV)

The battlecruiser Kongo is not inferior to IV rank battleships in armament, and even beats them in maneuverability. The main disadvantage is its relatively weak armor, but in the hands of an experienced captain Kongo will win any battle.

The 356mm main caliber guns are a strong argument in favor of a battlecruiser, and coupled with the fast-firing 150mm auxiliary caliber make the Kongo a powerful opponent for ships of III and IV ranks.

The big advantage of the ship is a long-range 127mm anti-aircraft battery, which will prevent enemy aircraft from getting close. Also the Kongo carries 3 scout planes with suspended bomb armament (4x60kg), which will not only help in finding targets for the next raid, but also participate in it.

Don’t miss the fantastic chance to buy great premium vehicles at a discount and get a bonus — the keys for the Big Trophy from the "Burning Dawn" season!