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[Coming Soon] New location "Greek Archipelago"

[Coming Soon] New location "Greek Archipelago"

Immerse yourself in the mythic atmosphere and become a hero of legends in the new Mediterranean map for naval battles.

The Mediterranean Sea and its countless islands have been shrouded in mystery for centuries. Powerful states were born and died here. The search for the Golden Fleece and Atlantis began in this region. Pirates rampaged, and treasure-laden galleons sank in these waters. Even today, the ruins of majestic ancient buildings still stand on the islands of the Mediterranean.

Our designers, inspired by the beauty and mysteries of the Mediterranean Sea, have created a new location for sea enthusiasts and adventurers: the "Greek Archipelago".

Azure waves wash the shores of large and medium-sized islets covered with vibrant grass and sparse trees. Traditional buildings in pastel colors dot the hills and mountains, giving the location a unique charm.

The islands are tall enough that even a modern cruiser can hide behind them without revealing its presence by exposing its mast above the island.

Numerous coves and cliffs provide quick cover from enemy fire. The relatively small size of the islands won't delay commanders eager to flank the enemy. Those who prefer hiding behind allies won't be able to avoid battle for long.

Join a team of brave sailors, uncover the secrets of the Greek Archipelago, and achieve fame through victories, like the legendary heroes of Ancient Greek myths!

The new sea location "Greek Archipelago" will be available in the next update.