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Historical trophies: New edition

Historical trophies: New edition

This is a unique opportunity to get desired vehicles from Seasons 1-6!

Commanders! Don't miss this chance to get legendary vehicles from the first Seasons – from June 28 to July 5, 10:00 (GMT), open Historical Trophies and collect a full collection of vehicles, camouflages, trophies and decorators!

Historical trophies are waiting for you in the in-game store in the "Featured" section. Trophies for different currencies are identical in filling and reward chances.

More about Historical Trophies:

  • From Trophies, you can get vehicles, camouflages, titles, decorators and avatars from the first 6 Seasons, as well as booster sets.
  • If you already have unique rewards available from the Trophies, they are automatically excluded from the rewards.
  • Camouflages for vehicles can only be obtained if you have the relevant vehicle.
  • Titles, Decorators and Avatars are the same for the chests of both campaigns, that means if you already got a Decorator in the Ships Trophy, it will be excluded from the Tanks Trophy.
  • You can purchase 1 Trophy per day from each campaign for Silver Lions and unlimited trophies for Golden Eagles or Platinum Wolves.
  • If you have already received all unique rewards from the Trophies, you will only be able to receive booster packs.

Hurry up to replenish your hangars with unique vehicles in luxurious camouflages – the "Historical Trophies" campaign will last only 7 days!