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[Coming Soon] Truxtun Missile Cruiser

[Coming Soon] Truxtun Missile Cruiser

The American nuclear-powered missile cruiser Truxtun will be one of the main attractions of the big War Thunder Mobile update!

USS Truxtun (Rank VI)

The USS Truxtun nuclear-powered missile cruiser entered service with the US Navy in 1967. The third and most compact nuclear-powered ship in the history of the U.S. Navy, Truxtun was based on the Belknap missile carriers. It was to provide support to aircraft carrier formations, and primarily - the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Enterprise. The ship took part in dozens of exercises and training cruises, provided the radar support to land and sea groups of troops during the Vietnam War and trained personnel for the U.S. Navy. In September 1995, the ship was decommissioned, but the invaluable experience of its operation was used on new types of US nuclear-powered cruisers – the California and the Virginia.

In War Thunder Mobile, the Truxtun missile cruiser will become a new rank VI ship in the lineup of the American fleet. The new missile cruiser will be a great choice in battle against any opponents. Let's take a look at some detail!

The central section of the Truxtun's deck is equipped with Harpoon guided anti-ship missile launchers, while the aft deck is equipped with a launcher for SM-2ER Block II missiles. Harpoon anti-ship missiles can penetrate any type of ship, even the heaviest ones in the game. If you have locked on your crosshairs to a careless enemy who didn't bother to stock up on countermeasures, find cover or hide behind smoke, the missiles are sure to find their target. The new SM-2ER Block II missiles in the game are a more modern version of the Standard missiles familiar from the USS Belknap. They have a reinforced warhead and do more damage to enemies.

The main gun on the cruiser is represented by one 127 mm cannon in the turret on the bow. It is useful in close encounters with the enemy, when guided missiles do not have time to gain altitude. Although the nuclear-powered ship cannot boast a record-breaking maximum speed, it can quickly gain and lose speed and can easily compete with destroyers in terms of maneuverability.

You don't have to be at the frontline of the battle to win! The USS Truxtun will appear in the game with the release of the next major update. Don't miss your chance to become the captain of one of the best missile platform ships in War Thunder Mobile!


The USS Truxtun (Rank VI) is available after you reach level 28 in the ship campaign. You can upgrade the campaign level for Golden Eagles instantly to gain access to this ship faster than other players, or you can level up in battle.

Please remember that as soon as Campaign Level 29 becomes available, Level 28, 28* and 28** platoons will merge into a single Level 28. Vehicles purchased for Golden Eagles will remain as a premium even after the levels are merged. The final coefficients on the three vehicles will be the same as the level 28 vehicles.