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[Coming Soon] Ersatz M10 Premium Platoon: "A wolf in sheep's clothing"

[Coming Soon] Ersatz M10 Premium Platoon: "A wolf in sheep's clothing"

Introducing a new premium German platoon, featuring a "Panther" tank cleverly disguised as an American M10 tank destroyer.

Platoon Ersatz M10 (Rank V)

"War is the way of deception," as the wise Sun Tzu said. During a large-scale operation in the Ardennes, the German command disguised Panther G tanks as American M10 tank destroyers. They removed the commanders' cupolas and covered the hulls and turrets with steel plates to mimic the silhouette of the American GMC. Soon, the Ersatz M10 will join the battlefields of War Thunder Mobile!

Ersatz M10

The excellent Panther G medium tank, now with a new look, has eliminated the weak spot in the commander's turret. Additionally, the bulwarks provide extra protection against HEAT shells.

The tank retains all the advantages of the later "Panther" models, including powerful frontal armor, an excellent long-barreled gun, and good mobility!

With its mobility and excellent armament, the Ersatz M10 is a formidable opponent. This versatile vehicle is well-suited for any tactic on any map.

The Ersatz M10 comes with worthy companions in the platoon. Familiarize yourself with its advantages before heading into battle, and your opponents won't stand a chance!

LeKPz M41

The American M41 Walker Bulldog light tanks, used in post-war German service, were designated as LeKPz M41. Experienced players will be familiar with this vehicle's high mobility, good defense for its class, and a gun with APDS. It's truly a master of sabotage!

Tiger II (P)

There's a time for cunning, and there's a time for brute force. This "Royal Tiger", equipped with the first version of its turret, is a combination of heavy armor and high firepower. Just what you need to break through even the most stubborn resistance!

Zerstörer 45

A box full of surprises! Behind the hinged sides of this new self-propelled anti-aircraft gun lies a quadruple mount armed with modified 30 mm MK 103 cannons. These weapons are accurate, fast-firing, and highly penetrating.

The Ersatz M10 (Rank V) Platoon will be available in the Medium Trophy of the Tank Campaign with the start of the new Season.