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[Coming Soon] Light Cruiser Dido: Executioner of Destroyers

[Coming Soon] Light Cruiser Dido: Executioner of Destroyers

In the upcoming War Thunder Mobile update, the premium British light cruiser Dido with fast-firing main caliber guns will appear in the game!

HMS Dido (Rank II)

The light cruiser HMS Dido, the lead ship of its class, was laid down in October 1937 and entered service with the Royal Navy just before World War II. This ship took active part in the Atlantic and in the Mediterranean and escorted Arctic convoys. In 1945, the captain of HMS Dido accepted the capitulation of the Kriegsmarine in Copenhagen. The cruiser’s ceremonial salvo in honor of this event was the last shot of naval guns in Europe during the Second World War.

In War Thunder Mobile, HMS Dido will be at Rank II of the British fleet. This ship is special thanks to its small caliber, but fast-firing main battery guns, which are good for its class. This, combined with the Dido’s high-speed, will mean it’s capable of getting around and inflicting good damage against lightly armored targets, plus destroyers, light cruisers and aircraft!

One of HMS Dido’s differences is its non-standard choice of main caliber weapons. This is because its five turrets accommodate 10 x 133 mm caliber guns, which are not the most powerful of weapons, but can reload faster than usual. Additionally, good turret positions allow HMS Dido to fire a full salvo even without fully angling the entire ship.

HMS Dido features no auxiliary caliber weapons, but does have anti-aircraft weapons consisting of 40 mm autocannons that are effective at firing at low altitudes. For close-range engagements, HMS Dido has three torpedo tubes located on each side of the ship. Three torpedoes can be fired in one salvo at once, which are very important to use against heavily armored opponents.

HMS Dido is decently protected for her class and can survive concentrated fire from two or more destroyers, taking them out one by one. At medium and long ranges, Dido can withstand hits from even light cruisers, but any prolonged fight at a distance will not be good news due to the smaller caliber main battery.

HMS Dido’s reinforced armor didn’t have a detrimental effect on her maneuverability – this ship is fast, gains speed well and is not inferior to other light cruiser!

The HMS Dido (Rank II) can be obtained from the Medium Trophy of the Ship Campaign with the start of the new Season.