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Churchill I Platoon: "veterans" from the Alpha Test with 30% off!

Churchill I Platoon: "veterans" from the Alpha Test with 30% off!

The collectible platoon of premium British Rank I armored vehicles is briefly back! Churchill I heavy infantry tank, lendlease Sherman II, Cromwell V hardtop and AEC AA wheeled anti-aircraft gun at 30% off!

Limited Shopping Day offer: from November 10-12 only, you can once again purchase a unique collectible platoon of premium British Churchill I (Rank I) armored vehicles at 30% off!

Churchill I

The Churchill infantry tank is one of Britain's main fighting vehicles in World War II. The design of this heavy tank has features of the world's first British production tanks of the World War I period. The first production version of the Churchill I has an additional 76mm cannon in the frontal part of the hull. In the game, it is not a fast but perfectly protected tank, which is difficult to destroy not only because of the thick armor, but also because of the long length of the hull, in which it is not easy to find the locations of important modules. One of the best tanks at its rank for diverting the enemy team's fire on yourself!

Sherman II

American Sherman medium tank, supplied to Great Britain under the "lend-lease" program. The classic combination of good mobility, high firepower and sufficient protection — the most versatile choice for any battle! This version of the tank was armed with 75 mm M3 gun with effective sub-caliber and muzzle-loading shells with excellent armor effect.

Cromwell V

Another unique representative of the British school of tank building, the Cromwell V medium tank, or "cruiser" according to the British classification. This version of the tank with a more powerful 75 mm gun was developed as a result of the experience of combat operations in North Africa. The tank is characterized by good protection of the forehead of the turret with a massive armor plate. The 75 mm gun can fire both solid armor-piercing shells and more technologically advanced soft-tipped armor-piercing shells with a ballistic cap.


One of the modifications of the AEC wheeled fighting vehicle was designed for air defense of ground groups of troops against low-flying enemy aircraft. The vehicle was armed with twin Oerlikon automatic cannons of 20 mm caliber. The AEC AA has a good rate of fire for its caliber and is belt fed, so that the reprojection can be corrected right during the fire queue. The 20mm shells have no problem shooting down aircraft and are dangerous to lightly armored vehicles.

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