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[Coming Soon] Valiant nuclear submarine

[Coming Soon] Valiant nuclear submarine

Introducing the game's first nuclear submarine! HMS Valiant is equipped to launch Harpoon anti-ship missiles from both the surface and periscope depth!

HMS Valiant (Rank V)

The Valiant-class submarines marked a significant milestone as the first nuclear-powered submarines built entirely in the United Kingdom. These compact vessels were designed primarily to fight against potential enemy submarines during the Cold War. The lead submarine of the series, constructed in 1963, remained in service until 1994. Throughout its operational lifespan, the Valiant underwent several modernizations and played a role in the Falklands War.

Introducing the Valiant as the game's first nuclear-powered submarine also as the first missile-armed submarine. Apart from conventional torpedoes, the Valiant has the capability to launch Harpoon anti-ship missiles via its torpedo tubes. It can engage targets and deploy missiles from both surface and periscope depths, allowing for up to three missiles to be launched simultaneously in a single salvo.

The vessel lacks artillery or air defense systems, as well as countermeasures for defense against anti-ship missiles. Due to its size, the Valiant does not boast high survivability. Thus, commanders must vigilantly monitor the battlefield to avoid becoming targeted by ship artillery or missile weapons during surfacing. However, the Valiant has a larger oxygen reserve compared to other submarines, enabling it to remain submerged for extended periods.

The new submarine, Valiant - a specialized weapon designed for the most skilled fleet commanders! This submarine will be awaiting your command at the docks in the upcoming major update of War Thunder Mobile!


HMS Valiant (Rank V) is available after you reach level 27 of the ship campaign. You can upgrade the campaign level for Golden Eagles instantly to gain access to this ship faster than other players, or you can level up in battles.

Please remember that as soon as Campaign Level 28 becomes available, Level 27, 27* and 27** platoons will merge into a single Level 27. Vehicles purchased for Golden Eagles will remain as a premium even after the levels are merged. The final coefficients on the three vehicles will be the same as the level 27 vehicles.