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[Major update] Flying is magic!

[Major update] Flying is magic!

Introducing the dizzying update in War Thunder Mobile!

In this update, you can expect to see the following:

  • New premium collectible vehicles.
  • The first 7 examples of the new unit type.
  • The first aviation map in the game.
  • The event where you can not only test the new type of units, but also get valuable rewards for it.
  • New unique ranks, decorators and avatars.

Read more in the article below.

New vehicles


The KV I C 756 (r) Platoon (Rank III) is truly unique. It features a Soviet KV-1 heavy breakthrough tank that was captured by the Wehrmacht. The platoon is made up of some stunning and powerful vehicles, this platoon offers an array of options you may not have even realized you desired.

  • KV I C 756 (r) – an excellent heavy tank that is sure to make an impact in its rank.
  • The Sd.Kfz.234/4 is a light and fast wheeled scout tank that compensates for its weak defense with a powerful 75mm cannon.
  • The Jagdpanzer IV is a self-propelled artillery unit classified as a "tank destroyer", featuring a very low silhouette and good frontal armor. Concealed amidst ruins and rocks, it poses a lethal surprise for unsuspecting enemies.
  • The Ostwind is an anti-aircraft vehicle equipped with a rapid-firing 40mm cannon capable of severing the wings of enemy "birds" with a single hit and piercing the sides of lightly armored tanks.


The AF D3 Barge (Rank I) holds the title of the fastest barge in the game. With its exotic appearance and х3 top-mounted 105mm cannon, it can swiftly overwhelm enemies and leave a rapidly vanishing trail on the water's surface. Equipped with two types of air defense, it can target seagulls and enemy planes, carries a large supply of mines and depth bombs. Its concrete deckhouse provides stability, with the only vulnerability being its steering, which, if knocked out, can cause loss of control.

Historical notes

In the 1930s, a clandestine group of military geneticists embarked on a covert project aimed at reducing aviation costs by substituting mechanical components with biomechanical objects. This endeavor, known as the "Cloud City" project, drew inspiration from historical battles such as the Siege of Troy, the Battle of Neva, and the Battle of Waterloo, as well as from Leonardo da Vinci's obscure studies on integrating flying machines with horses.

Collaborating with top hippologists, biologists, and geneticists, alongside military engineers and aircraft designers, they meticulously calculated optimal parameters to enable horses to achieve maximum airspeed while maintaining high aerodynamic performance and maneuverability. Several years later, scientists successfully bred a specialized breed of miniature horses dubbed "Sky Wanderers." These resilient creatures possessed robust vestibular systems, were highly trainable, memorized flight routes, exhibited fearlessness in the face of loud noises like gunshots and explosions, and, equipped with frame harnesses and auxiliary mechanical wings, could effortlessly transport even bulky payloads.

Below is a photo featuring the initial members of the breed.

According to the experiment journal entries, by the end of 1954, seven optimal biological units were produced for military applications: reconnaissance, aerial combat, ground target destruction, and more. At the height of the animal rights movement, the project was halted due to ethical concerns. The winged horses were assigned individual names and spent the remainder of their lives in a classified reserve in the mountains. Recently, the War Thunder Mobile team obtained access to the classified documents and successfully recreated these unique units!

On April 1, 2024, War Thunder Mobile players will have a special opportunity to test the sky cavalry in real battles!

New location

Cloud City, like other locations in our game, has been meticulously recreated for maximum realism, following the blueprints from the secret project. The thin air at high altitude is comfortable for the original inhabitants of this area, but it can cause slight vertigo in unprepared individuals.

List of the new units and their weapons



The maneuverable Cupcake is equipped with four 12.7mm machine guns, enabling it to target and hit fast-moving aerial threats while effortlessly dodging incoming fire.

The swift Elegance, cloaked in sky camouflage, scouts the terrain with agility and is prepared to unleash a barrage of shells from its 20mm cannons upon the enemy.

The Pineapple Pie, a formidable warrior armed with two 7.62mm miniguns, provides cover for allies, ensuring that enemy aircraft have no chance to sneak up from behind undetected.

The purpose-built Starburst is equipped with two weapons: unguided air-to-air missiles with radio fuzes for intercepting enemies and destroying ground targets, as well as two 12.7 mm machine guns for close combat.

The unstoppable Rainbow jet can take down even the toughest and most armored opponents with its two precision 20mm cannons.

The powerful Bubblegum fires two 37mm assault cannons at the enemy, while the 6 RBS are equally effective against both aircraft and ground targets.

The unique Sweet Storm is equipped with two 12.7mm machine guns, a 12.7mm turret, and powerful aerial bombs to destroy ground units.

Event "Flying is Magic"

From April 1 to April 8, 2024, participate in an unprecedented event offering access to a new location and the opportunity to test flight mechanics using unique units equipped with a variety of aviation weapons.

Complete the combat tasks of the "Flying is Magic" event to earn Magic Bonds as rewards. Use these bonds to unlock trophy containers containing valuable prizes.


  • You can take part in the event immediately after completing the tutorial in any of the campaigns.
  • Unlock event trophies in the tank campaign to obtain a KV I C 756 (r) platoon or in the ship campaign to obtain an AF D3 barge. The jackpot counter in each campaign is fixed separately. Once the event is over, all unspent bonds will automatically be used to unlock the trophies of the random campaign.
  • Event tasks are opened gradually over 5 days, you can complete all available tasks until the end of the event.
  • All avatars, decorators and titles obtained during the event will stay with you forever and ponies will fly away.
  • The event is one of the early stages of testing the air mode.

The "Flying is Magic" event will run until April 8, 2024, 10:00 (GMT).


Rheinland location:

  • Objects floating in the air south of the C point have been fixed.
  • Rails that were incorrectly angled near point A have been fixed.


  • T-54 (1947) – The bug causing smoke shells to not appear in the list of available shells when the "Smoke Shell" modification was selected has been fixed.
  • Sho't Kal Gimel – the damage model of the M2HB heavy machine gun has been corrected.
  • M4A3E2 (76)W – the armor characteristic in the tank card has been added.


  • One common button has been added for firing on airplanes. The two buttons can be enabled in the on-screen button editor menu.
  • The speed switch slider in aviation mode has been redesigned. It is now set to "Speed 100%" by default.
  • The free consumables icon in the in-game store now shows the number of repair kits in addition to fire extinguishers.
  • The background of rare vehicles icons obtained from trophies is now purple – unlike the golden background of premium vehicles icons purchased for Golden Eagles or Platinum Wolves.
  • The last level of the campaign no longer displays a level-up offer box.
  • Speed switching between max speed and WEP for aircraft has been improved.
  • Silver Lion rounding is now done from 100 million. Exceptions to this are the level up and vehicle purchase windows.
  • Various technical fixes.

Event contests

Take part in contests in the official War Thunder Mobile channels and win Magic Bonds of the "Flying is Magic" event:

  • Screenshot contest "On the Wings of Dreams" in the official Discord channel – will start on April 1 during the day.

We congratulate all commanders on Laugh Day and wish you bright victories and great spirits!