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Maintenance is over! Update

As compensation for any wait, you will receive a 24-hour premium account within one day.


  • All visual effects have been optimized.
  • An option to disable automatic zoom when selecting a target has been added to the control settings.
  • Nearby texture refresh has been improved on different graphics settings.
  • Small amount of grass has been added on medium graphics settings.
  • An incorrect display of distance to the target when deploying in a support aircraft in naval missions has been fixed.
  • Shooting from two tank guns is now done by repeated pressing of the fire button. 
  • Focusing on the nearest target in naval battles has been improved.
  • An error that caused shells of some main calibre guns on ships to not reach their targets if fired without zoom has been fixed. 
  • An error that caused the camera to pull vertically up when SPAAGs raised their guns.
  • Distant tree crowns’ look has been improved. 
  • Tank speed display in the spectator mode has been removed.
  • An error that caused the “receive reward” button to not function after receiving a huge box has been fixed. 
  • An FPS drop when submerging in a submarine for the first time has been fixed.

Ground vehicles

  • ST-A3 platoon is now available for purchase. 
  • Standard shell of the Tiger H1 tank has been changed from HEAT HI.Gr 39 to APCBC PzGr 39.
  • All premium tanks have their most powerful shell set by default. This does not include regular platoons that have been upgraded to premium platoons. 


  • An error that caused main calibre shells of HMS Warspite to deal extra damage has been fixed.
  • Buttons corresponding to the main calibre of Rank 2 vessels have been unified into a single button.

This update reflects only key changes and may not include the full list of improvements. We regularly make changes to improve the game that may not require an update.