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[Coming Soon] A Texas veteran and the guns of "Chapaev"

[Coming Soon] A Texas veteran and the guns of "Chapaev"

Trophy premium ships: the heavy artillery of an American battleship and the persuasive power of the 12 guns of a Soviet cruiser.

USS Texas (Rank III)

USS Texas was designed as the second ship of the New York class, but its destiny was to be the first: the first battleship in the world with 356mm guns, the first US battleship with anti-aircraft guns and mass produced radar, the first American battleship to launch an airplane from a platform on a turret.... However, on the eve of D-Day in mid-1944, the catapults and airplanes were removed from the ship.

Meet the first American super dreadnought in War Thunder Mobile! Slow and well-defended, the battleship Texas (1945) features powerful main caliber artillery and a remarkable air defense battery that is sorely lacking on other countries' dreadnoughts.

Chapaev (Rank II)

"Chapaev" is the lead ship in the series of light cruisers of the improved Project 68-K. Despite its class, the ship is characterized by very good armor and high survivability, and its twelve 152-mm guns will be a serious argument in battles even with heavier ships.

With its considerable displacement "Chapaev" is fast and maneuverable. It compares favorably with other light cruisers due to its good arsenal.