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[Coming Soon] Reconnaissance by battle!

[Coming Soon] Reconnaissance by battle!

Trophy premium platoons: a mobile German Rank VI scout for fans of positional attacks and a versatile Chinese IV rank platoon.

Ru 251 Platoon (Rank VI)

The Ru 251 was one of Germany's successful attempts to develop a light reconnaissance tank to replace the American Walker Bulldog. Prototypes were ready in the early 60s, but came too late as the Leopard 1 had already entered mass production, becoming the benchmark tank in Western doctrine for a long time.

In War Thunder Mobile, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to evaluate and test this intriguing tank in battle! What sets it apart?

First of all, it has excellent mobility. Its fast engine accelerates the tank to speeds exceeding 80 km/h, while its remarkable reversible transmission allows backward movement at the same speed as forward. Secondly, it features a cannon equipped with shaped charge shells providing a potent advantage as most opponents lack effective defenses against them.

In the game, the tank will best show itself as a reconnoiter and an ambush sniper. The key to success is to attack from unexpected places and always shoot first!

The platoon also includes the famous armored Tiger II (H), the dynamic JPz 4-5 and the powerful Kugelblitz SPAA, making the platoon versatile: survey the enemy team and choose the best combination of vehicles to win!

T-34-85 (S-53) Platoon (Rank IV)

The T-34 tank began to be supplied to China almost immediately after the end of WWII. New conflicts were brewing in the region, and the Chinese PLA began to receive the proven Soviet 34s to defend its interests. The real benefit of Chinese and North Korean T-34s was at the beginning of the Korean War. These tanks clashed in battles with American vehicles and often had total superiority over the enemy. The T-34-85 medium tank was in service with the PLA until the mid-1980s, and underwent multiple upgrades and served as a base for their own development.

The Chinese T-34-85 with an improved 85 mm caliber S-53 gun is a truly versatile tank of the World War II period. This vehicle combines important features such as good mobility, high firepower, a good choice of shells for different battle scenarios and high survivability due to the angles of the hull armor and rounded silhouette of the turret.

What is the best way to play the T-34-85? It's up to you: look for the perfect place for an ambush, arrange firefights at medium distances, defend selected directions and capture zones. But the best way to play the T-34-85 is in an active offensive with a group of other medium tanks.

Stick to your favorite tactics or try something new — the T-34 will help you succeed!

In addition to the T-34-85 (S-53), the platoon includes the PT-76, a successful Chinese copy of the Soviet "scout", the ISU-122 heavy self-propelled vehicle with a powerful long-barreled 122mm cannon, and the fast, rapid-firing ZSD63 anti-aircraft gun, capable of thinning out enemy aircraft or sneaking behind enemy lines.