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[Seasonal Offers] Shoot to kill!

[Seasonal Offers] Shoot to kill!

A premium high-ranking USSR platoon and the American Mississippi battleship – celebrate May holidays with War Thunder Mobile!

Commanders! From May 8th to May 16th, 07:00 (GMT), tank mode fans will be able to get a bargain seasonal set with a gorgeous Soviet BMP-1 platoon, and fans of naval battles will be waiting for the powerful USS Mississippi with a great discount!

In addition, until May 13 you will get discounts of up to 30% on all premium vehicles that are sold in the game for Golden Eagles.

Seasonal Offers

  • In the Tank Campaign: BMP-1 Platoon + 2 Keys for the Big Trophy from the "Rapid Fire" season + Back-ups x5, Repair Kits x50, Fire Extinguishers x25.
  • In the ship campaign: USS Mississippi + 2 Keys for the Big Trophy from the "Rapid Fire" season + Smoke Generators x125 + Naval Supply x125.

Platoon BMP-1 (Rank VI)

The USSR BMP-1 light infantry fighting vehicle will appear at rank VI of ground vehicles! Fast and passable floating machine will be a real boon for any War Thunder Mobile player, it is a truly versatile fighter.

For aggressive close combat, the BMP-1 is armed with a smoothbore cannon with high explosive rounds and excellent shaped charge shells that easily penetrate even the most heavily armored enemy.

Like to play at long distances? The "Konkurs" anti-tank guided missiles are at your disposal, which can be precisely guided to the target even across the entire battlefield!

The BMP-1's ammo contains 4 deadly 500 mm penetrating missiles carrying 4,37 kg of TNT!

It's time to meet the support vehicles of the BMP-1 platoon!


Heavy tank IS-3 is the incarnated tank power! Very high protection, not bad dynamics and ruthless long-barreled gun – it is one of the main heroes in any battle!

Object 268

The Object 268 tank fighter is armed with a heavy 152mm cannon with three types of shells: high-explosive for light and medium vehicles, armor-piercing high explosive for stronger targets, and HEATs for the heaviest opponents!


A legend in War Thunder Mobile battles, the ZSU-57-2 will become a support vehicle in the new platoon! Two automatic 57mm cannons with armor-piercing shells are especially good at short ranges in urban battles!

USS Mississippi (Rank IV)

USS Mississippi was an American battleship of the New Mexico type. It didn't participate in World War I, but earned 8 stars for its service during the U.S. Pacific campaign. The ship supported the landings on the islands of Peleliu and Okinawa, and in the Battle of Leyte Gulf in the fall of 1944 defeated the fleet of Admiral Shoji Nishimura.

The USS Mississippi is armed with accurate 40mm anti-aircraft guns, reliable 127mm auxiliary caliber guns, and a solid 12 356mm main caliber guns.

In War Thunder Mobile, the battleship Mississippi will be one of the best ships to play - its awesome firepower and superior armor make this ship a true master of the seas!

Don’t miss the fantastic chance to buy great premium vehicles at a discount and get a bonus — the keys for the Big Trophy from the "Rapid Fire" season!