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Phase II of Aircraft Closed Beta Testing!

Phase II of Aircraft Closed Beta Testing!

Closed testing of a separate aircraft mode in War Thunder Mobile.

On 7 May 2024, the second phase of the CBT of the air mode began. It includes testing of Rank II aircraft, a new map and combat missions with bombing targets.

With the start of this testing phase, the confirmation for test pilots has also resumed. Be sure to apply if you haven't applied yet!

Commanders participating in the first phase of the test are automatically accessed for the next phase.

Features and tasks of phase II testing


After biplanes (Rank I), players can now experience the specifics of combat sorties with more powerful propeller-driven fighters and bombers.

These aircraft (Rank II) are participating in the testing: P-51C-10, La-5, SB2C-4, Il-4.

The entrance to the battle, like in the first stage, is done through the special event window. Hangar and vehicles upgrading are not provided at the CBT stage.

Locations and Missions

The new "Alpine Meadows" map is available for vehicles of Rank II and higher, as it is characterized by its altitude differences and interesting terrain suitable for complex tactical air battle.

Missions for Rank II vehicles are similar to those for Rank I vehicles, but have additional targets to bombard.

"Ground Strike" mode full rules

  • 10 vs 10 player confrontation.
  • The winner is the team that brings the opposing team's score scale to 0 or is the first to destroy all enemy ground forces or destroy an enemy airfield.
  • Points on the enemy team's scale are removed when you/allies destroy enemy vehicles and other objects.
  • Additional fortified ground forces and objects for bombing are added to the map: bunkers, tanks, bases and airfields.
  • You can destroy an enemy airfield only after destroying all enemy bases.
  • The following events are counted in the player's personal combat statistics: damage and destruction of vehicles, ground forces. bases and airfields. Damage to allied vehicles reduces your results.

Testing tasks

  • Receiving information on the results of regular combat sorties: testing of new equipment, missions and map, as well as testing of finalized functionality based on the results of the 1st СBT stage.
  • Fixing the detected problems in the propeller-driven aircraft flight control system, as well as in the navigation, combat and defense systems.

You can leave feedback and comments on airplanes in a specially created chat in Discord or send us via Telegram-bot, as well as via the game. Please send as detailed information as possible about the problem or bug you found.

Other feedback about the game can be left in the Discord chat, and information about bugs - on the website.

The results of the 1st СBT stage

We received and processed thousands of feedback from testers, including brand new players and alpha test veterans.

  • The points for damaging enemy aircraft and destroying enemy ground vehicles have been recalculated. Critical damage to the enemy, as well as assistance to teammates will be added to the calculation in future updates.
  • The aircraft control setting "Constant Turn Mode" has been added.
  • The option to invert the vertical axis when controlling the airplane has been added.
  • "Blind spots" should no longer appear when controlling via touchscreen.
  • A bug that caused the speed of an aircraft to be set to 0 when appearing in a battle has been fixed.
  • A bug that could cause the emergency landing message to remain active on the next flight has been fixed.
  • A number of issues with the free camera have been fixed.
  • Bugs that could cause hangs and crashing of the game on some devices have been fixed.
  • The wishes for controlling aircraft with a mobile device gyro and virtual joystick have been taken into account.

Dear commanders, we remind you that the interface, equipment and appearance of locations may differ from the version on the screenshots. The final version of the aircraft mode may also differ from what you see in the СBT.

We wish you clear skies and smooth flying!