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Phase III of aircraft closed beta testing!

Phase III of aircraft closed beta testing!

Closed testing of a separate aircraft mode in War Thunder Mobile.

On June 11, 2024, the third phase of the Closed Beta Test (CBT) for the air mode began. This phase includes testing Rank IV aircraft, the new "Norway" map, and combat missions featuring bombing targets.

With the start of this testing phase, the confirmation for test pilots has also resumed. Be sure to apply if you haven't applied yet!

Access is granted automatically as additional testers are required.

Commanders participating in the previous phases of the test are automatically accessed for the next phase.

Phase III Vehicle Testing

In the third phase of aircraft testing, pilots will have the opportunity to experience Rank IV vehicles in combat. These include the powerful American B-17G bomber and top premium fighters such as the FW 190 C, Yak-3T, and P-38K.

You can enter the battle through the special event window. Hangar and vehicles upgrading are not available at the CBT stage.

B-17G (Rank IV)

The Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress, is an American heavy bomber, characterized by its ruggedness, defensive armament, and accuracy. An increased payload capacity allows it to destroy multiple large targets or bases in a single sortie.


Climb rate: 4.6 m/s
Max.speed: 510 km/h at 7680 m
Turn time: 36 sec
Max.altitude: 11,156 m


4 x 12.7-mm M2 Browning x2 machine gun (3950 rounds)
5 x 12.7-mm M2 Browning machine gun (2300 rounds)
16 x 250-lb bombs

FW 190 C (Rank IV)

Experimental modification of the German single-engine fighter with good controllability at high speeds. Suitable for high-speed attacks from altitude or on passes. Solid ammo makes it a dangerous opponent.


Climb rate: 12.3 m/s
Max.speed: 646 km/h at 11000 m
Turn time: 21.9 sec
Max.altitude: 13,900 m


2 x 7.92-mm MG 17 machine guns (1800 rounds)
2 x 20-mm MG 151 cannon (500 rounds)

Yak-3T (Rank IV)

Single-engine Soviet fighter with excellent maneuverability at low and medium altitudes and powerful weapons. The ammo is little, but there are enough shells for successful frontal attacks of the enemy.


Climb rate: 17.8 m/s
Max.speed: 606 km/h at 4200 m
Turn time: 20.5 sec
Max.altitude: 10,400 m


37-mm N-37 autocannon (25 rounds)
2 x 20-mm B-20S cannon (200 rounds).

P-38K (Rank IV)

A heavy American twin-engine fighter. Due to its fast acceleration, high top speed and effective flaps, it is successfully used to intercept the enemy.


Climb rate: 18.6 m/s
Max.speed: 673 km/h at 6401 m
Turn time: 22 sec
Max.altitude: 13,411 m


4 x 12.7-mm M2 Browning machine guns (2000 rounds)
20-mm AN/M2 cannon (150 rounds).

⚠ All vehicles available for testing are not upgradable and are not given to the player's hangar. After the end of the CBT the access to the test vehicles will be closed.

⚠ We want to remind you that you can pre-order Rank IV aircraft (FW 190 C, Yak-3T, and P-38K) only until the end of the Closed Beta. These aircraft will be available in the hangars of pilots who pre-order them as soon as the OBT begins. There will be no other opportunities to obtain these aircraft after the CBT ends.

Locations and Missions

The "Norway" map is ideal for complex tactical aerial combat with fighters and bombers, long-range firefights, and coordinated attacks on enemy bases.

Missions for Rank IV vehicles are similar to those for Rank II, with the main differences being the vehicles' characteristics and the ground targets.

"Ground Strike" mode full rules

  • 10 vs 10 player confrontation.
  • The winner is the team that brings the opposing team's score scale to 0 or is the first to destroy all enemy ground forces or destroy an enemy airfield.
  • Points on the enemy team's scale are removed when you/allies destroy enemy vehicles and other objects.
  • Fortified ground forces and objects for bombing are located to the map: bunkers, tanks, bases and airfields.
  • You can destroy an enemy airfield only after destroying all enemy bases.
  • The following events are counted in the player's personal combat statistics: damage and destruction of vehicles, ground forces. bases and airfields. Damage to allied vehicles reduces your results.

Tasks of phase III testing

  • Collecting data from regular combat sorties to test new vehicles, missions, and the "Norway" map. This stage also involves evaluating new and refined features based on feedback from previous CBT stages.
  • Correcting the identified issues in the bomber and fighter flight control systems, as well as in the navigation, combat, and defense systems.

List of changes and new mechanics

During the first two phases of testing, many of your comments and suggestions were collected. Here's a brief overview of the changes awaiting you in Phase III, which require thorough testing in live player battles:

  • The functionality of auxiliary control of aircraft with the help of gyroscope has been added. It is not a separate mode of gyroscope control, but the option to turn the aircraft in flight, perform barrel rolls, etc.
  • The possibility to enable arrows for elevator and aileron control, in addition to the cursor control mode, has been added to aircraft settings.
  • The "Aircraft Motion Control" setting has been added. It allows you to select an alternative type of control: "Dynamic Stick", "Static Stick".
  • A button that allows looking backwards while flying has been added.
  • A circular menu for switching between third-person, virtual cockpit, gunner and bombing cameras has been added to the aircraft mode.
  • The ability to control turrets in Gunner mode on aircraft that have this type of weapon has been added.
  • The bug causing enemies to spontaneously lock onto targets has been fixed.
  • The indication of damaged elements of aircraft structures has been added as separate icons.
  • An option to select different types of aircraft sights has been added.
  • The identical shells in aircraft have been combined into one slot in the vehicle selection window.
  • The number of rounds for all offensive armament is displayed next to the firing button in aircraft battles.
  • A bug that caused the radar marker in air mode to display the enemy as alive when they were killed has been fixed.
  • A notification when an enemy ground base is destroyed has been added.
  • The display of the power scale (WEP) of airplanes has been improved.
  • The overheat and reload status of each gun are displayed next to the scope.
  • In airplane battles, you now have the option to select a target by tapping on an enemy airplane with your finger. This feature can be enabled in the aircraft settings if desired.
  • The aviation maps and cloud display have been optimized for better performance.
  • Several minor changes have been implemented.

You can leave feedback and comments on airplanes in a specially created chat in Discord or send us via Telegram-bot, as well as via the game. Please send as detailed information as possible about the problem or bug you found.

Other feedback about the game can be left in the Discord chat, and information about bugs - on the website.

*Characteristics are current at the time of the current stage of closed beta testing.
**Final interface, vehicles and appearance of locations may be different from those shown in the screenshots.

We wish you clear skies and a great experience, commanders!